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Happy Walking: Opening Ceremony of the ‘4th Women’s Welfare Service Center, Taichung City’(2007-06-23)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In order to make every woman feel love and warmth, the ‘4th Women’s Welfare Service Center, Taichung City’ was opened by Mayor Hu. Mayor Hu expected the all-dimensional services offered by the center, to assist women in the attainment of a happier and healthier life, facilitate affective communication and expand knowledge. Also the Government will endeavor to accomplish women’s welfare tasks and enhance the community’s welfare. 

Mayor Hu indicated that many heads of boroughs reflected to him that due to the movement of the South District Office the previous site required sound utilization instead of remaining idle. Now there are: a library, Elders Hall and Women’s Welfare Service Center for citizens. Also Mayor Hu anticipated that all-dimensional service would make women’s lives happier and healthier.

Also, Mayor Hu mentioned that he never saw mothers hitting drums; mothers were good at drums and also looked pretty. He jokingly addressed that the good skills of mothers resulted from their experiences with husbands and children. The intriguing statement by Mayor Hu made the audience laugh at once.

Mayor Hu also advised the authority in charge not to adopt a number for the name of the center simply because it was the result of a test; instead, the name of Evergreen or Elders was recommended. He also committed that the Government would strive for the optimal realization of women’s welfare deeds.

The ‘4th Women Welfare Service Center, Taichung City’ under long-term planning was opened on the 23rd, aiming to serve the women in the East and South Districts. Guo-Hui Chang, the Director of the Department of Social Affairs, Taichung City Government, jokingly said that the ‘4th Women’s Welfare Service Center, Taichung City’ was a ‘convenient house’ for the women in the East and South Districts for services concerning employment, legal consultation or further education and parental education which could be obtained here.

The ‘4th Women’s Welfare Service Center’ is located on 2 F at No.6, Hezhuo St. where the South District Office used to be, with 40 Pings of available space. There are classrooms and counseling rooms for women.

Director Chang indicated that Mayor Hu highlighted women’s welfare in proposing his policy planning: ‘Safety, Ease and Well-being’ and established the women’s welfare center and single-parent welfare center in each district, allowing women to look for help in their own neighborhoods. The future goal is to set ‘welfare centers for each district’. This is the 4th Women’s Welfare Service Center and the initial stage offers consultation and service for middle-aged and elderly women about menopause and empty-house issues.

To promote the utilization of the community citizens, Chuan Cheng Social Welfare Foundation managed a special ceremony, inviting local women councilors and female representatives as the ‘Female Military’ to host the ceremony, demonstrating ‘women holding up half the sky’, and highlighting the strong ‘backup’ for the center. Female elites constitute an important intellectual tank able to offer help to those in need.

The splendid performance was arranged at the opening ceremony with a quiz game and tiny gifts were prepared to give to the guests. The City Government looked forward to the opening of the ‘4th Women’s Welfare Service Center, Taichung City’ integrating the human powers and resources for devotion to promoting women’s welfare task.

  • Date : 2007-06-23
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