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Taichung New Fish Market Lucked Out; Mayor Hu Auctioned Off the First Cobia(2007-07-14)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung new fish market was officially opened on the 14th. Mayor Hu, ex-mayor Lin Buolong, all of the councilors of Taichung districts, legislators, and some locals, 400 people in all, jointly celebrated the grand opening of the new fish market. Mayor Hu auctioned off a 10-kg cobia, and amid fierce bidding, the fish was taken at a price of $22,000 NT, much higher than the market price. 

At the celebration of the new fish market, were the “Grand Joy” fair, “Fresh Fish” raffle giveaway, “Fun Activities” and a “Paint the Fish Market” sketch competition. Also on the site, was a game where anyone who passed three outposts could win milkfish balls equivalent to NT$100. Many parents brought their children to attend this opening ceremony and enjoyed fresh seafood, and might have had free milkfish balls. All participants were smiling happily.

In the past, the fish market was located where the Taichung Splendor Hotel now stands on Zhongang Road. In 1980, ex-mayor Lin Buolong, sold the market at NT$360 per square meter, and used the money to procure a lot of 4 hectares at the intersection of Huangzhong Road and Wuquan West Road. Mayor Hu praised Lin for his intelligence and foresight for expanding the area of the fish market, building the new one to what it is today. According to the plan, the first floor is for a fish auction and the second is for a tourist fish market. Thus, townspeople do not have to travel long distances for fresh seafood, for it is right in Taichung’s fish market.

For the grand opening, the fish market acquired an ISO-9001:2000 certificate, which is positive encouragement for the market. The new fish market is completely digitalized, so the process of auction will be transparent, fair, and reasonable. The fish market is not limited to only auctions, as in the future it will be developed into a tourist fish market at the old location, where tourists can come and spend the day, bringing Taichung City masses of crowds and business opportunities.

  • Date : 2007-07-14
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