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Take high-speed railroad to Children’s Folklore & Folk game Festival, get special bonus (2007-07-21)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  The International Children’s Folklore & Folk Festival, turning 12th year, coordinates rapid high-speed railroad to bring visitors to Dongshan to enjoy the Festival. A significant event during the 2007 International Children’s Folklore & Folk Festival by a group of local officials, Magistrate Lu, GuoHwa took the high-speed railroad on July 21 to Taichung, meeting with Mayor Hu of Taichung City, Deputy Magistrate Chang of Taichung County, and Chief Executive Officer Ou Chin-der of the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Corp, to encourage people in central Taiwan to visit Yilan and have fun in the Festival. 

  According to Magistrate Lu, the 12th Annual Children’s Folklore & Folk Festival is the first time to include a high-speed rail promotion in Taichung City, as a special experience instead of driving on the Taipei-Yilan highway. The same distance between Taichung and Yilan can be completed in a half day by sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of Taiwan’s new high-speed railway, which has provided a convenient travel system boosting tourism developments all over Taiwan. This year the Festival has over 20 performance groups, from 5 continents joining to provide a more diverse and entertaining program, drawing children and adults alike to have summer fun in Yilan.

  Mayor Hu praised the Festival’s international flavor, remarking that it would cultivate children’s worldviews. He mentioned again his previous suggestion, regarding the high-speed railroad coordinating with tourism packages to Mr. Ou, and was pleasantly surprised with the response. Simultaneously, Magistrate Lu recommended having the Festival to Taichung City as a tourism promotion reflecting the potential of Taichung City and unparalleled spatial reform brought by the high-speed rail.

  Deputy Magistrate Chang of Taichung County proclaimed that people from central Taiwan should never forget to promulgate advantages of Taichung and then invited tourists to Taichung when visiting Yilan, enhancing the exchange of 6 million people that already visit north and central Taiwan.

  As mentioned by Ou, Wurih Station has grown by 300% since its dedication in February, having achieved this, the people in Taichung, Changhwa, and Nantou counties are experiencing increased revenues due to heavy traffic. As announced by Ou, in order to cooperate with the Festival in Yilan, the high-speed rail will increase the number of runs and provide 15% discount for runs between Taichung and Taipei until August.

  A special bonus for the International Children’s Folklore & Folk Festival is one adult holding the ticket receipt of the high-speed train (excluding the run between Taipei and Ban ciao), from July 7 to August 26 will be granted one free children’s ticket (under 10 years old), when buying an entrance ticket to the site of the Festival. The Magistrate of Yilan invited people from central and south Taiwan to Yilan to experience local cuisine and enjoy natural beauty while joining in the festival activities.

  For further information about the Festival ticket and event contents, please check the website of the Festival (www.folkgame.org.tw) or Taiwan High-speed Rail (http://www.thsrc.com.tw) or call the Festival (03)931-0720.

  • Date : 2007-07-21
  • Hit: 18

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