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During Taichung City’s Shining Cultural Season, on Aug. 4th and first on the stage was Duck King performed by MingHwaYuan Opera (2007-07-26)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  Shining together! The 2007 Taichung Shining Cultural Season held for 3 consecutive months, from Aug. 1st to Nov. 3rd will provide more than one hundred art and cultural performances covering literature, drama, music, and art. The diversified, multiple programs include MingHwaYuan of domestic and overseas fame, LOHAS, Painting City Art Festival, Jazz Festival, and so on, within an intensive schedule promoted in all cultural institutes and performance places. Welcome all denizens! Come and enjoy Taichung City’s shining charms, and please check our website (http://www.tccgc.gov.tw/files/j/2007shineWeb.pdf)or call (04)2372-7311#366 for detailed information.

  At the press conference on July 26th, 4 catwalk models representing art, literature, music, and drama, respectively, walked ‘for show’ with Mayor Hu, Director General Chen of Information Bureau, City Councilman Liou, ShiChou, and Director Ko of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra in order to promote the 4 subjects relating to the Shining Cultural Season Also, the small party mode was applied to introduce the Season’s performance programs and to demonstrate the city image of Shining Taichung and Charming Metropolitan Area’s modern, youthful, and the energetic ties to cultural events.

  At the press conference, Mayor Hu, Director General Huang of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Director General Chen of Information Bureau, Councilman Liou, and Director Ko of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra rose shining fire seeds and ignited the Logo of 2007 Taichung Shining Cultural Season inside the ice sculpture, and kicked off the Season.

  According to Mayor Hu, the series of activities of which the people of Taichung are proud, include: the Calm-down Ceremony which is usually over-crowded, attracting over 150 thousand visitors; the Taichung Folksong Concert, gathering an audience of 100 thousand; White Snake Legend & Watering Kingshan Temple, performed by MingHuaYuan Opera and the energizing Brazil Festival, drawing over 100 thousand participants; as well as Taichung’s Shining Cultural Season between August and October. This cultural event is becoming more and more popular and the fans more fervent year by year. This year is the fifth annual program of the Season, and literature, drama, art, and music are all included to provide you with delicate performances week after week and drawing contests month by month.

   Mayor Hu expressed that the Season would provide residents with easy access to art performances, such as the Corning Summer Music Concert at Chunhsiung Hall on Aug. 1st, Duck King performed by the leading actress Sun, TsaiFeng of MingHwaYuan Drama on Aug. 4th, and Star Reunion’s performances which are still under negotiation with 70% or 80% of the issues settled and may be expected on Aug. 30th barring any unforeseen incidents, for the group’s first-time singing together outdoors.

  Mayor Hu expressed his confidence in the Season in terms of yearly progress on performance content and resident participation, and he expects that the City Government would do its best to complete the Season and to provide people with fun, even surpassing the Edinburgh International Festival and becoming the most shining program in the Asia Pacific region.

  The 2007season also covers Deeper Cultural Exploration, Dadung Literature Camp, and LOHAS in August, the 6th Annual Taichung Color Painting Festival, the Rodin Sculpture Exhibition, outdoor performances at the Round Theater in September, and the 2007 Taichung Jazz Festival in October, with delicate entertainment week by week and attractiveness month by month. The free performance program prepared by the Cultural Affairs Bureau will be distributed in 7-11 stores, high speed railroad stations, rest areas of national highways, tourism centers nation wide, and hotels in downtown areas for distribution to the people.

The significant program: 8/4(Sat.)opening performance of Duck King, of MingHwaYuan Drama in the Round Theater.

  A performance at 7:30 PM of August 4th provided by MingHwaYuan famous domestically and abroad, kicked off the season. MingHwaYuan reorganized stories of Taiwanese folk heroes for traditional drama lovers, Duck King- Chu, YiQuei. As expressed by MingHwaYuan, Chu had fewer divine features which appeared to be closer to those of modern people. The Taiwan specific story was performed by MingHwaYuan, where roles of Fukienese, Hakka, and mainlanders, or even foreigners were used to symbolize the diversity of Taiwanese Society, and their feelings exhibited simplification, enthusiasm, sadness, and helplessness.

  We sincerely invite your participation with your young and senior family members to the folklore drama on Aug. 4th in the Round Theater; you can take mass transit systems, such as ChangHan Bus Route 5, Jenyo Bus Route 89, and Tonglian Bus Route 73, and get off at the DaHsin Elementary School stop.

  In addition, the 2007 Circuit Literature Camp will be held in Taichung; Dadung Literature Camp, between Aug 9th and Aug. 11th, is expected to bring an enlightening and joyful literature-rich summer. Please contact (04)23727311 ext 468 Miss Chiang. LOHAS, Music Fans will be simultaneously presented in 8 administrative areas from Aug. 11th to Sep. 22nd and your relaxing participation is most welcome. Please check the website (http://www.tccgc.gov.tw)for program information. Taichung’s Shining, Colorful Painting the City, will be held between Sep. 15th and Sep. 27th, and Can’t Stop Jamming in the 2007 Taichung Jazz Festival from Oct. 20th to Oct. 28th. You can check for details on website (www.jazzfestival.com.tw) or by telephone (04-23727311 ext 359-366).

  • Date : 2007-07-26
  • Hit: 61

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