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2007 Taichung LOHAS, since Aug. 11th music everywhere in 8 administrative districts (2007-08-07)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  LOHAS, the second-stage powerful program of the 2007 Taichung Shining Cultural Season, will kick off at 7:30 on Saturdays between Aug. 11th and Sep. 22nd, simultaneously in 8 administrative districts. 63 concerts and 50 music performing groups, covering classical, jazz, inter-disciplinary forms, and hit-pop outdoor music performers would keep denizens relaxed and following LOHAS music to walk out. 

  In addition, there will be a bonus program, 'musical instrument gifts' with 63 violins and 300 ocarinas to be distributed as gifts in 63 concerts; the biggest prize, a piano will be given on Sep. 27th in a lottery, with the winning ticket picked out by Director General Huang of Cultural Affairs Bureau. Music lovers or visitors passing through are all welcome to the series concert of LOHAS to enjoy Taichung City’s shining charms.

  In order to acquaint denizens with the charms of LOHAS, Mayor Hu wore African-style dress and performed an African Drum Dance with Nigerian Drum Dancers at the press conference on Aug. 7th. The enthusiasm rubbed off on participants at the conference thanks to the beating drums and African Serengeti-like spacious impression.

  According to Mayor Hu, there would be a series of performances in many places of the City beginning in August, and residents would find easy access to the surprises of outdoor music at various street corners. In his expectation, Taichung Shining Cultural Season could surpass the Edinburgh International Festival and help to build the City into the ‘Asian Vienna’. He believed that his dream could soon be realized with the meticulous promotion of the City Government and enthusiastic support of city residents.

  Following Charming Music’s winning credits last year, the Cultural Affairs Bureau held the LOHAS series performances this year, covering 7 subjects: classical, hip pop, jazz, Latin, rock, traditional, and new artists, to provide fresh impressions for the people.

  The Bureau reminded people that the concerts held in outdoor places would be arranged with alternative indoor halls to respond to the rainy season, and that audiences should note any declarations on site. In addition, all those interested should pay attention to weather forecasts about typhoons and check information provided by the Central Weather Bureau and posted on the website of Taichung City Government (http://www.tccg.gov.tw/) or Cultural Affairs Bureau. Programs can be checked at: http://www.tccgc.gov.tw.

  • Date : 2007-08-07
  • Hit: 16

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