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CHILDREN ARE US Bakery will produce moon cake packages and welcomes all orders with payment to be made at post offices(2007-08-15)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Postmen will deliver good wishes to friends and relatives for you. This year, CHILDREN ARE US Bakery will have special healthy and caring moon cake gift boxes, including Curved Moon (NT420/per box) and Moon Angel (NT520/per box), and welcomes all those interested to come to post offices before Sep. 12th for orders and payment. If you have any further questions, please contact the service line: 02-27115237. 

In the promotion conference meeting on Aug. 15th, Deputy Mayor Hsiao of Taichung City, Deputy Magistrate Chiang of Taichung County, Director Chen of Bureau of Social Affairs in Chunghwa County, Taichung City Councilman Lou, Manager Chen from Taichung City Post Office, Manager Ku from Fengyuan City Post Office, and Assistant Manager Chiang from Chunghwa Post Office dressed themselves as baking chefs and cooperated with Children's AChi to make Children’s Faces moon cake, to experience Children's hard work and concentration in baking.

In the conference, Children's AChi handed the Children’s moon cake package to Deputy Hsiao who then turned it over to the post office, symbolizing self-made and fresh cake box ready to receive pre-orders and to be delivered by the half-day delivery of Post Office, efficiently sending off fresh and delicious moon cakes.

According to Deputy Mayor Hsiao, the Post Office's delivery routes could help in the distribution of Children's moon cake, as well as disseminating customers' sympathy and love.

Manger Chen from Taichung City Post Office stated that Children's cake delivery during the last Moon Festival won much praise, and that Children's cakes were good-tasting and healthful. Those eating cakes seemed joyful and sweetness was written on their faces.

CEO Chiang of CHILDREN ARE US Foundation revealed that CHILDREN ARE US Bakery was having its 9th consecutive year in receiving pre-orders for moon cakes, facilitating those Children members self-support. He also guaranteed that cake orders to CHILDREN ARE US Bakery were applicable to the Government Procurement Act, and thus government institutes' bulk orders, as well as general people and businesses, were highly welcome.

This year CHILDREN ARE US Bakery marks its 9th year in selling healthful and good tasting Curved Moon gift box (10 cakes/per box, cost NT420 dollars) and Moon Angel (9 cakes/per box, cost NT520 dollars).

With the great support of Principal Jhong of Kaohsiung Hospitality College, CHILDREN ARE US Bakery cooperated with its Culinary Arts Department to promote quality moon cakes sold by the shelter shops. With the assistance of Post Offices, marketing routes and Half-day Delivery promised the freshest products with the most efficient delivery.

  • Date : 2007-08-15
  • Hit: 58

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