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The Meeting of Taiwan Benevolent Association, Mayor Hu led the city government visiting team to participate in(2007-09-09)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  The 30th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Benevolent Association was held in San Gabriel Hilton Hotel in LA at 9 AM on Sep. 8th, 2007, and Taichung City Government Visiting Team was led by Mayor Hu to partake in. After lectures delivered by Director Lo and Congresswoman, Mayor Hu was invited to the speech and revealed that friendliness and loves of Taiwanese people would sustain even in changing political situations, especially overseas Taiwanese’s concerns for home state.

  With intention to report home country affairs as a home guest, Mayor Hu proclaimed that only could solidity, peace, prosperity, and development create Taiwan win, cross-strait win, and Taiwan-America win. He thanked for overseas Taiwanese’s concerns with his wife and contributed honors of high ranking of administration and clean hand to all city government staff and denizens.

  According to Mayor Hu, less talks in political and manipulation in election and political operations, along with mutual concerns on economic profits, might produce three wins among Taiwan, US, and China. He also emphasized that people should replace emotion with rationality and select the person of international views, economic expertise, and fore sighted in the coming president election, leading Taiwan to a brand new and prosperous era.

  As for the triangle issue among Taiwan, US, and China, Mayor Hu believed Taiwan was standing in the crossing and would be led to the winning situation and the solid base for peace, happiness, and sustainable management through correct selection of state leader. However, continuous provoking and testing the bottom line of the opponent, a well as boasting personal importance might make Taiwan suffer in an uncertainty and avoidable attack.

  He mentioned that tension between two sides of Taiwan Strait would be the situation last expected for any part of Taipei, Washington DC, and Beijing, and no one would be bold to destroy peace on Taiwan Strait when we stressed the necessity and connection between peaceful existing and economic prosperity. In terms of peace and plentifulness, economic power is the most reliable strength.

  The future of Taiwan shall not rely on votes of supporting members in UN or participation in international organizations, but on economic powers that Taiwan expresses with positive, active, optimistic, and practice attitudes and shares economic fruits in Chinese trend based on 30-year leading experiences. Applying relatively cheaper labors and lands to create competitiveness in quantity, and deploying techniques of international brands and aesthetics in human and culture to stimulate demand in quality, will be the key to three wins.

  Mayor’s easy-catching and humorous lecture received applauds of over 300 overseas Taiwanese on site. Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee and Taichung City Government set booths to distribute business invitation and promotion documents, and to supply Sun Cake and Pineapple Short Cake to draw participants’ attentions and credits.

  In addition to cultural visitors from Taiwan, the Taiwan Night was on stage at 8:30 PM to invite Taichung City Symphony Orchestra which came with Taichung City Government Visiting Team as a culture ambassador to perform 15-minute Taiwanese Folk songs, such as Sounding Drum and Expecting Lover’s Return and to deliver 100 free performance CD, not even meeting the over demand of overseas Taiwanese.

  • Date : 2007-09-09
  • Hit: 25

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