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Mayor Hu kept his busy paces to City of Atlanta and communicated wit h Mayor Shirley Franklin about downtown improvement plans(2007-09-11)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  The Taichung City Government Visiting Team led by Mayor Hu called on Mayor Shirley Franklin in City of Atlanta on Sep. 10th . With common administrative background, both mayors had a joyful conversation, and Mayor Hu specially concerned about achievement of Atlanta downtown redevelopment with limited capital and labor resources. Taking the example of redevelopment of old downtown district, Mayor Franklin mentioned issuing government funds to pay public facility enhancement based on estimate increase of tax revenues on redeveloped real estate, and inviting private developers of strong commitment to involve in with purpose to create demands, incentive developments, and find new ways for declining downtown districts. 

  Mayor Franklin having the same first name with Mayor Hu’s wife, seemed to be an old friend for Hu in the sister city initiation. Both had some common friends in US political field, were elected in 2001 and re-elected in 2005, will serve their municipal terms till 2009, and do not plan for re-elction run, but commit themselves to locals for the rest of their life. According to Mayor Franklin, the job of mayor is a highly energy consuming one, and each day of remaining 2-year term will be used to work for high efficiency city, which Mayor Hu smiled to express total agreement.

   Two mayors claim for incorruption, culture, economy, and internationalization, and experience surge of economic and real estate developments, which have respectively provided new 60,000 job opportunities within recent 5 years since 2005 in City of Atlanta and 70,000 job vacancies since settlement of Central Taiwan Science Park in Taichung City. In addition, Taichung City coordinated cultural and athletic constructions with industrial and businesses developments to create more working opportunities. Mayor Hu invited Mayor Franklin to visit Taichung for enhancement of mutual exchanges in terms of cultural and business developments, and Mayor Franklin promised to come during her service term.

  The Taichung City Government Visiting Team included directors of Information Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau, and Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee. The Team then visited the Underground Atlanta, the headquarters of Coca Cola and CNN, and Olympic Park. Amongst, the Underground Atlanta is the most successful case in downtown redevelopment in City of Atlanta, and become a very profitable tourism spot. The operation company received the visiting team to brief development background and achievement for references in future Taichung administration.

  • Date : 2007-09-11
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