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Local diplomatic action of Taichung City Government-- City of Columbus, GA as the 18th Sister of City for Taichung(2007-09-12)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

On Sep. 11th when all American memorized the 911 event 6 years ago, Taichung City Government Visiting Team led by Mayor Hu continued his the 6th busy visit day in the USA. 

Staying in the talking programs of Channel 540 from 8 to 9 AM in Columbus, Mayor Hu was first received by Program Director Scoot who later hosted the direct talking show, and then talked with Mike Gaymon, the president of Columbus, GA Chamber of Commerce about city feature differentiation between Columbus and Taichung, including population structure, baseball, cultural innovation, and commercial and industrial developments. In humorous atmosphere, Mr. Gaymon joked to praise that Mayor Hu might have successful career in talk show programs in USA.

Mayor Hu then led the Visiting Team to call on Jim Wetherington, the Mayor of Columbus City, as well as ten councilmen, and signed a sister-city covenant at the weekly city council session. Hu delivered his speech in the council to talk about current development and prospect of Taichung City, and proposed the future cooperation with Columbus, such as student visits, cultural and economic exchange, and little-league baseball and golf exchanges, highly welcomed by Mayor Wetherington and the Council.

According to Mayor Hu, Taichung City is the third greatest metropolitan area, with convenient transportation system, temperate climate, and prosperous trade business, and developed to a leading modern city in terms of multiple culture, economic prospect, internationalization, facility construction, and cultural and art milieu. During the short recent 5 years, the average number of participating in cultural performances for each denizen in Taichung increased to 29 from 4.1, and there will be about 77 factories established in coming 5 years in Central Taiwan Science Park, founded in 2002 to collect 52.4 billion US dollars for investments and create 70,000 working opportunities. Also, Shueinan Economic and Trade Park and Tadu Mt. Precision Science Park will be developed to create astonishing production value, definitely worth of investments.

Mayor Hu used slide shows to present day and night views and beautiful spots in Taichung City, explain the neighboring cities or towns and attractions within one-hour drive, and introduce the increase margin and ratio of real estate and property value in Taichung City in detail, attracting attentions of Columbus City Government officials.

According to Mayor Hu, Taichung City is a city full of opportunities and will cooperate with all areas around the world for economic developments by excluding political barriers. He observed many exchange chances between Columbus and Taichung, such as culture, athletics, economy, and trade, and concretely pointed out how to invite little-league baseball teams to Taichung for friendship champion, artists to Dadun Fine Art Exhibition and Jazz Music Festival, and businessmen to Central Taiwan Science Park and Precision Science Park, figuring out the beautiful future with support of mutual cooperation.

After covenant signature, Taichung City Symphony Orchestra played Taiwanese Folk song, Peach Blossom County and American Famous Song, Over the Rainbow to win applauds on site. The Third Channel, local newspapers, and local radio stations in Columbus recorded the whole process. Mayor Hun had a press conference to explain student exchange and other concrete cooperative plans between two sides.

In the evening, Mayor Hun held the banquet to invite city government officials, city councilmen, committee members of city’s public relation committee, and representatives of business, and introduced a variety of construction projects in Taichung under his title of Welcome to Taichung. Taichung City Symphony Orchestra’s performances of Taiwanese and American songs brought joyful atmosphere.

Mayor and the Visiting Team had their spare time to explore Springer Opera House, the River Center for the Performing Arts, and the Columbus Museum, and structured their ideas for municipal constructions.

  • Date : 2007-09-12
  • Hit: 27

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