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Taichung City Government held a paradigm demonstration for community self-help organizations, with a pretty realistic reflection (2007-09-20)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  Taichung City Government held a paradigm demonstration for community self-help organizations in the Science Mall on Sep. 20th, conducted by Secretary Chief Liao, to demonstrate defrauding, motorbike theft, stealing in high tower buildings, domestic violence, and fire alarms in high towers. The impressive demonstration reflected the close cooperation among the police department, community self-help organizations and organizations dedicated to criminal prevention. 

  Secretary Chief Liao revealed that the City Government arranged for a budget of more than 64 million dollars to promote community self-help procedures, and has assisted in the founding of 79 teams of borough self-help organizations with 3970 members, 1 neighborhood self-help organization with 58 members, and 1424 teams of high-tower building organizations with 4623 members, as of August of this year. The electronic-wall monitoring systems were completed for 202 sets, with 50 million dollars of budget in 2007, and is expected to rise to 914 sets by the end of this year, as effective tool for criminal-prevention improvements.

  According to the Police Department, the fruits of community self-help organizations included assistance with 349 criminal cases (15 general cases, 9 stealing cases, and 325 stolen vehicles recovered), emergency rescue, 1061 cases of neighbor assistance, 133 cases of temporary inspections, and 125 cases of fire prevention.

  In one of demonstrations, the patrol member found a woman hurriedly operating an ATM while talking on a cell phone, and came to make an inquiry. The woman expressed her belief that she was the victim of her child having been kidnapped, and that she was in struggling with the ATM operation trying to transfer NT 200 thousand dollars. The Police Department was contacted for assistance, they got in contact with the child, and the result was to immediately stop a fraudulent act from occurring.

  In addition, assistance on domestic violence, tall building fire alarms, and traffic accident treatment proved the effectiveness of self-help organizations. Chiangchang Borough self-help organization demonstrated the life-saving procedure known as Heimlich Maneuver CPR, while ChiangHsin Borough self-help organization showed their traffic conducting skills. 10 demonstration items took over 1 hour to complete, and its rich contents attracted residents to watch and impressed them with its informative and professional presentation.

  • Date : 2007-09-20
  • Hit: 24

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