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The most popular Taiko drum group in Japan has an official call on the 18th for their ancient music, the wonderful earth sounds of the Taiko drums. (2007-10-18)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Coming from Japan, the president of the Taiko drum alliance, Mr. Yan-Jian He-zi, along with the Kyushu Taiko drum members of the Tang-bu Institute, which total eighteen persons, came to pay a special call on Taichung City, and received by the Vice-Mayor Jiaqi Xiao, in person. Invited by the vice-mayor, the members gave a short Taiko performance, their soul-stirring pounding, which attracted many colleagues of the municipal government to stop walking and listen to the wonderful music. 

The vice-mayor said that Japanese Taiko is famous around the world and is the sound of the soul; several lawyers in Japan make use of Taiko to alleviate stress, therefore, it can be regarded as a type of musical therapy. Taichung City is the capital of culture with many cultural and musical activities. It was rejuvenating to have the Japanese Taiko drum group come to perform in Taichung City, adding their beauty to the local culture.

The president of the Japanese Taiko drum alliance, Mr. Yan-Jian He-zi said that the Japanese Taiko drum alliance has 800 groups in the alliance, with about 22,000 members. The youngest member is 3 years old. Every member is able to perform on a Taiko drum. Even though they are not as good as the Qui Taiko drum group, their members are made up of several friends who have great passions in Taiko. They are professional and receive favorable comments from every performance. Japanese Taiko drums pass sound from heart to heart, welcomed by all walks of people, eager to participate. It is a quite popular activity.

Among the visiting Japanese Kyushu Taiko drum group of Tang-bu Institute, the group chief, Mr. Zhang-gu Chuan-yi is favored personage in Japan. The group has been appointed as an invisible cultural asset by You-bu City, in 2007. The Taiko music is unique in its 400-year-history; each group member produces wonderful Taiko sounds of the earth, from the heart and precise physiques. Their performances are regarded as music of life; the rhythm attracts the souls of audiences around the world. They came to Taiwan to perform in public, and we welcome the rare program of the genuine Taiko music.

  • Date : 2007-10-18
  • Hit: 41

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