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2007 Taichung Jazz Music Festival comes so high!(2007-10-20)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The “2007 Taichung Jazz Music Festival” opens this evening (the 20th) with the performance of the Brazil jazz actress, Flora Purim, along with internationally famous jazz player, Eric Marienthal, and others, for a jazz performance to declare the opening of this jazz festival. Romantic and pleasant, jazz music invites the several thousand jazz fans, from all parts of Taiwan, to enjoy the fascination of jazz music. On the 21st, and three days from next Friday, there will be twenty excellent performances held in Citizen Square and the Green Way (Jing-yuan Lu-yuan-dao). Mayor Jason Ho welcomes music fans around the nation to come to Taichung to join the wonderful jazz world of music. 

With the theme of “Can’t stop jamming”, all players participating in 2007 Taichung Jazz Music Festival come from all parts of the globe. All performances are free. Mayor Jason Ho emphasizes that the festival will bring music fans previously unseen and diversified jazz styles.

At seven o'clock tonight, the cultural bureau of Taichung, the main sponsor of this activity, will open the festival with pure Latin Jazz on the main stage of Citizen Square. The Equinox Orchestra is the opening performance of the Jazz Music Festival, which is led by the Portuguese guitarist, Roberto Zayas. Zayas’ magnificent guitar and his vibrato voice attract each music fan's heart immediately.

Next, the Brazilian actress, Flora Purim, and her husband, Airto Moreira, represent the top Latin Jazz orchestra of the world. They perform the skills of imitating musical instrument sounds and conquer the heart of all music fans.

As a special guest, the saxophone player Eric Marienthal will create his extemporal music, spur-of-the-moment sounds, which bring delight to the ear. His performance has been likened to machine-gun strafes, leaving fans wide eyed at the glamour of his musical magic.

Ms. Jin-zhu Weng, the chief commissioner of the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan, will come to Taichung especially to enjoy this top rated jazz performance, whose players come from countries all over the world. She said that, under the leadership of Mayor Ho, Taichung is known as a commercial city, which has developed many cultural characteristics in recent years, giving the city renewed vigor and greatly improving its urban competitiveness. Such efforts deserve everybody's praise. The “2007 Taichung Jazz Music Festival” has already generated its reputation in the international Jazz music circle, which for Taiwan, is a quite important milestone. The topic of the “2007 Taichung Jazz Music Festival”, “Can’t Stop Jamming”, fully represents the free style and the glamour of creativity of jazz and its living rhythms. It is a successful opportunity for Taichung City to broaden its local jazz talent through exposure to foreign jazz music, regarded as the pride of Taichung.

Mayor Ho declared that every October, Taichung City, would be filled with the atmosphere of Jazz music. Domestic music fans expect this festival, which is coming soon, to be an opportunity to watch the top world-level jazz players’ performances and enjoy the leisure time of a cool autumn in the green Citizen Square. He said that Taichung people especially love music, no matter whether it is symphony, piano solo, string music, or the wind instruments of classical music, or old, new, pop, folk songs, or rock and roll of the modern music world, Taichung fans show the same interest. However, the beauty of jazz music, the closest to the living rhythm of Taichung City, is the most delightful to embrace, with its diversified, creative, and free-styles. Besides being a cultural city, Taichung is the capital of jazz music in Taiwan.

  • Date : 2007-10-20
  • Hit: 31

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