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The national learning convocation of community folk recreation, in Taichung, launches the Municipal Li-jen Junior High School on the 21st of November. (2007-10-21)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The event named the “Dancing with Taiwan spirit, spreading civil and military art in Taichung” is sponsored by the Ministry of Interior and the Taichung city government, which undertake the activity as “2007 national learning convocation of community folk recreation” launching in the Taichung Municipal Li-jen Junior High School on the morning of the 21st. A total of 46 teams, with over 2000 skilled performers come from all parts of the nation to represent their folk performances, including northern and southern wind music, local opera, eight musical sounds, aboriginal folk songs, art performances in talking and singing, cross-talk, two-man acts, northern drums, Song-jiang arrays, car-drum arrays, ox-plow arrays, Eight-Diagram tactics, stilt walking, dragon dancing, lion dancing, corrida arrays, and clothing-horse arrays, several excellent civil and military folk art performances, etc. The events executives plan to launch the event by walking the streets to entice Taichung City beginning from the early morning.

The vice-minister of the Ministry of Interior, Ms. Mei-zhu Lin said that, ”The folk custom activity is not merely an image of social life, but is also a way of passing social culture.” She hopes that with folk custom activities shared among communities, every community of the nation can exchange their creativity and further achieve the sharing of social culture on to the next generation and strengthen every community.

The mayor of Taichung City, Jason Ho expressed his pleasure that Taichung City could host such an event as the National learning convocation of community folk recreation. He is pleased that more than 50 neighborhood magistrates in Taichung will attend in person to support the event. This encourages each community in Taichung to develop innovations full of vigor and enthusiasm. He hopes the representatives of every community of the nation show their best today and enjoy the sights and customs of Taichung City. If the nation enjoys visiting Taichung City, he would like to hold such an activity every year.

Besides the large number of teams involved in the event, this activity attracts large numbers of people to Taichung City. The popular “Zhen-tou” group array, which is one-mile long, walks in the street, the performances by all the folk groups, from all cities and counties represent both civil and military shows. The conditions are lively and cheerful as each representative of the communities tries their best to please the audience. The activity concludes at 17:30 pm in the afternoon, followed by the performers vowing to meet with every city and county again next year.

  • Date : 2007-10-21
  • Hit: 46

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