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The “Hope Construction of the Baseball Association” starts on 8th; Mayor Hu and Mr. YuanZhi Guo enthusiastically support the activity.(2007-11-08)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Following the opening of the 2007 Baseball World Cup, the Chinese Baseball Association will launch the “Baseball Hope Construction” on 8th, attended by Taichung mayor, Jason Ho and the Speaker of Taichung parliament, HongNian Zhang, YuanZhi Guo, the general secretary of the Chinese Baseball Association, ZongCheng Lin, the vice-president of the Merida Industry Corp., WenXiang Zheng, and several councilors and other honored guests before the first game of the Chinese team. The Baseball Association also raised the funds for the project of Hope Construction, through the sales of Merida memorial bicycles, commemorating the Baseball World Cup, over the internet site “Yahoo!Kimo.” 

Mayor Hu expressed that the Chinese team will unquestionably win their first game, then go on to become the champions under the watchful eye of the general coach, Thai- Yuan Guo. Today the Merida Industry Corp. has donated an upgraded memorial bicycle to the “baseball walk car” to wish the Chinese team success in all their games.

The vice-president of the Merida Industry Corp., WenXiang Zheng also stated that baseball and bicycles is a winning pair of B’s, which represent the Chinese team’s winning their way to gain the championship.

The general secretary of the Chinese Baseball Association, ZongCheng Lin, expressed that the Baseball Hope Construction will raise funds for young aboriginal baseball teams starting next year in Taitung and Hua-lian. He welcomed all people to enthusiastically assist and support the plan together.

In the Taizhong Baseball Field, “Baseball Hope Construction” will be launched, at 5:30 pm. The Marida Industry Corp will donate the memorial upgraded bicycle of Baseball World Cup, which is worth NT$ 88,000 and resembles the uniforms of the team. Mayor Hu, YuanZhi Guo, and several guests have signed this valuable bicycle to raise its value. The Chinese Baseball Association intends to sell it on YAHOO on Nov. 18th and hopes to raise the funds for the first step of the Hope Project.

The Chinese Baseball Association also expressed that responsibility for this is related to “the influence of Mr. Wang JianMin”. According to the investigation, when Mr. Wang achieves his 10th win this year, the ESPN TV channel estimates 1,275,000 viewers and the FTV channel estimates 1,689,000 viewers will watch, totaling nearly 3 million viewers. JianMin Wang influences millions of people’s willingness in Taiwan to watch baseball games. A star of Taiwan, JianMin Wang, allows people to temporarily forget the “cares and woes” of life and political confusion.

For the next ten years people may watch JianMin Wang’s play ball, however, no one can foretell the following ten years. In addition, the Merida World Cup bicycle, and the Evergreen International Hotel in Taichung also support the activities by donating ten rooms during the Baseball Asian Cup and ten tickets for the internet auction; the Bu-lo-wan Integrated Marketing Company has donated twenty infield seats for the game between the Chinese and Japanese teams for sale on the internet. The Chinese Baseball Association also welcomes enterprises and companies to enthusiastically support the “Baseball Hope Construction.”

  • Date : 2007-11-08
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