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A dream comes true, an eighty-year-old motorcyclists accomplished the dream of his life, to travel all around Taiwan by motorcycle(2007-11-25)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

“I'm eighty years old, and I rode the motorcycle to travel around Taiwan,” 17 grandpas and grandmas, at an average age of 81 years old, put it into action to prove to everyone that they are not old, they are energetic, and they still have the right to realize dreams and to take action. The “never old” motorcyclists set out from Taichung City Hall on November 13th, heading south along the provincial South highway, through the Huadong valley, to the Su-hua highway, Binhai highway, and back to the West provincial road. After thirteen days and more than one thousand kilometers’ traveled, they arrived at Chien-kang Park, Taichung city today (November 25th.), safe and sound, with their dream come true. The “never old” riders had experienced a very long journey, but didn’t seem to be tired at all. They all looked good and were full of energy; this surprised and inspired everyone that dreams have no limits on age and should be realized bravely. 

When the “never old” motorcyclists meandered into the Chien-kang park, people waiting on the road applauded loudly and welcome them with thumbs up, shouting, ”Grandpa and Grandma, you are wonderful!” Jia-chi Xiao, vice mayor of Taichung city, and Yi-nian Lai, alderman, also came to welcome and congratulate them on finishing the journey safely.

To celebrate the 17 “never old” motorcyclists’ braveness and determination to realize their dream, the sponsor, Hondao Eldercare Foundation held a party to end the journey ”with a bang.” The next day (November 26th.) happened to be one of the “never old” motorcyclists, the eldest one Grandpa Miao-kuei Chu’s ninetieth birthday, so everyone celebrated his birthday at the party and wished him health and happiness. After the 17 eighty-year-old motorcyclists successfully took on the challenge of wind, rain, sunshine, and the difficulties of the trip, they enjoyed the cakes, flower bouquets, champagne, and the congratulations and adoration of the people, creating a wo9nderful ending for a wonderful tale.

  • Date : 2007-11-25
  • Hit: 21

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