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Outdoor Broadcasting of Vienna New Year’s Concert, 3000 music lovers wrapped upon in the graceful musical notations(2008-01-01)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

On the first day of year 2008, over 3000 music lovers tolerating the chilly outdoor venue of the Roundness Theater gathered to wrap themselves in the graceful music of the Vienna New Year’s Concert. Before the concert broadcasted, the Brass Quintet of the Taichung City Orchestra performed, making Taichung music lovers luckier than the Vienna audiences. The graceful and pure musical notations filled the air of Taichung City, entertaining the audience in the beauty of night. 

  Outdoor broadcasting of Vienna New Year’s Concert of 2008 was held in Taichung as 90 other countries viewed the performances simultaneously. The chilly weather could not extinguish the enthusiastic fire in the hearts of the 3000 plus music lovers who brought their families to take part in the most famous concert in the world, an audience consisting of 1 billion viewers worldwide.

  Some interesting music, such as the Mexico Dance, also known as the Mexican Hat Dance, and Horn Holiday was performed by the Brass Quintet at 5:30 PM to warm up the atmosphere and expel some of the cool winds.

  Cellist Chen-Chieh Chang and TTV Reporter Lin YiJu co-hosted the broadcasting. Professor Chang taught audiences to say “Happy New Year” in German. Promptly at 6 PM, the most important part was started with announcements by Deputy Mayor Hsiao and Deputy General Manager Chou, including a fireworks background, which enchanted the audience.

  Conductor Georges Pretre, age 83, expressed his emotion, passion, experience, and honesty in the music to create a charming performance. Strauss’s Walzer and Luxemburger Polka wrapped the audience in delightful music.

  In the Golden Mouse Year, the hosting unit provided some a lottery of prizes for the music lovers, including an LCD TV and a digital cable converter box,. In addition to the prizes, refreshments such as coffee, roasted pudding, and hot ginger tea were provided to keep the audience enthusiastic on New Year’s Day.

  • Date : 2008-01-01
  • Hit: 52