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Promotion of TaTungYan Selected Tangerine, juicy and of good quality(2008-01-09)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In coming weeks, TaTungYan Selected Tangerine, planted in TaKang District of Taichung City, will have its booming period of production. Director Huang of Department of Economic Development, Taichung City Government, recommended this famous agri-product of Taichung in a press meeting on Jan. 9th, and invited reporters to taste some high-quality tangerines, all juicy and sweet, to prove Director Huang’s praises. 

According to Director Huang, TaKang District is a place suitable for planting tangerine trees, covering 100 hectors and producing 2,400 tons of high-quantity and good-tasting fruits. Tangerines are the top choice in the domestic fruit market due to being rich in amino acids, Vitamin A and C, and fiber . The system of grade wrapping and quality control is strictly implemented; therefore, the tangerine has gained high credits on agriculture products market bidding.

Staff of the Department of Economic Development described the tangerine pricing and grading as: (a) Maogu: 27A, NT730 dollars/per box, 6 kilograms; 25A NT620 dollars/per box, 6 kilograms; 23A NT410 dollars/per box, 6 kilograms; and 21A NT280 dollars, 6 kilograms, (b) Tong: 25A, NT 450 dollars/ per box, 6 kilograms, and 23A, NT 350 dollars/ per box, 6 kilograms. Orders from enterprises and institutes, and large orders from offline islands will be given some discounts and door-to-door delivery. Please contact: 04-22397618, Fax: 04-22396685, Mr. Liu, Taichung Farmer Association.

  • Date : 2008-01-09
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