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Wonderful dancing and singing performance accompanied denizens during Lantern Festival(2008-02-21)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

During the 2008 Central-Taiwan Lantern Festival hosted by the Taichung City Government, the Night Event was held in the Roundness Theater of Wenshin Forest Park on Feb. 21st. DA Mouth, FanFan, and Victor Wang came to perform and to accompany denizens celebrating the Festival. Mayor Hu also invited General Manager Chan of the PouChen Group, the major supporting company, and other sponsors for the Festival to partake in the celebration. 

In his welcome speech, Mayor Hu quoted the estimate of the Department of General Information that over 3 million wave-like visitors, shoulder to shoulder, came to Wenshin Forest Park to appreciate lanterns and performances for the Night Event, and the cute-shaped Mickey became the hot shot during the Festival. He felt so proud of the popularity of the Festival and appreciated support from private enterprises to create the Festival even better than the nation-wide Festival. In the remaining 3 days, he predicted that the accumulated visitors would break 5.6 million.

During the Night Event, the Mickey and Minnie lantern and water dance shows were conducted every 30 minutes from 7 PM to 11 PM, which caught visitors’ attention with brilliant lighting and colorful neon water dancing. In addition, dancing and singing performances by DA Mouth, FanFan, Victor Wang, Champion, and Show House provided energetic inspiration as an alternative for visitors in the Festival.

In Wenshin Forest Park and the light area of Taichung Park, over 10 thousand pieces of lanterns were freely distributed at the exact spots of crossing between Wenshin Rd. and Siangshang Rd., crossing between Hueiwen Rd. and Tatung 7th St., and the boat quay in Taichung Park. In Taichung Railroad Station and Taching Terminal, the lanterns were given as a surprising gift for tourists visiting Taichung.

The 2008 Central-Taiwan Lantern Festival with Disney’s Mickey, as the main lantern, has caught focus of Taiwanese and visitors, and all erected their big thumbs to praise it. The City Government called for those who have not yet visited the Festival site to take advantage of the limited chances in the remaining 3 days.

  • Date : 2008-02-21
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