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Address plates are going to be replaced in March(2008-02-27)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In order to facilitate easy recognition of road names and addresses, the Department of Civil Affairs arranged a budget of NT 3 million dollars, this year, to replace road signs and address plates, including 52 expressways and arterial roads, promulgate large address plates, rename some roads and create new roads. 

Director Mu of the Department of Civil Affairs expressed that old and dropped address plates and road signs would be investigated around institutions, schools, hospitals, and major commercial areas starting in March, as well as 52 expressway and arterial roads. It was estimated that 8% or 40 thousand plates and signs would be replaced. Denizens will be welcome to report spots in need of road sign renewal and the Department of Civil Affairs and affiliated household registration offices would arrange on-site surveys and the subsequent process.

According to Director Mu, Zhong Zheng Road, Taichung Harbor Road, Wenshin Road, and Wenshin South Road were selected for plate and sign renewal in 2006, and 52 expressway and arterial roads this year would be finished. Basically, every 10 buildings on the same road would be remarked with large plates for easy identification, totaling 2600 plates.

For a long time, denizens complained that some addresses were not easily found, and different names on the same road and different names for different sections confuse visitors. Since 2007, the Department of Civil Affairs kicked off its improvement plans and finished parts of the work. For example, names for 15 streets and roads have been unified; the case of 6 allies and lanes unified as HueiTei St. has been the toughest job.

  • Date : 2008-02-27
  • Hit: 57

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