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Excellent Contribution to Martial Arts Exchange between Taiwan and USA; American Martin is Awarded with Taichung Honorary Citizen Medal(2008-03-27)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government





In the Zhong-Zheng Hall of Taichung Municipal Government, Taichung mayor, Jason Hu, awarded a Taichung honorary citizen license and medal to American, Mr. Steven L. Martin (HUNG, JIN-HU) today (27) in order to honor his contribution to Chinese martial arts and devotion to cultural exchange between Taiwan and USA. The Civil Administration Dept. of Taichung municipal government mentioned that, in order to thank his teacher, Wen-Xue Hong, for teaching him martial arts, Mr. Steven L. Martin usually leads ten of his students to visit Mr. Wen-Xue Hong every two years and does a martial arts cultural exchange with De-Yi community in the south of Taichung, which benefits the folk martial art exchange between Taiwan and USA so much.

Mayor Hu thanked Mr. Martin for his insistence on coming back to see his teacher, Wen-Xue Hong, every two years for many years. With this kind of friendship, he is not only a good friend to Taichung city but also to five-thousand-year-old Chinese culture. Mayor Hu introduced categories of Taichung medals to Mr. Martin’s group and made a joke to Martin that they don't look down on this medal because its value exceeds one million NT dollars, converting into more than 30,000 U.S. dollars. The mayor also says that he has given all the medals he can issue; if Martin Mr. comes to Taiwan again, he will wonder what should be given next time. The mayor’s humorous talking leads guests’ to laughing heartily and frequently.

Martin also prepareed a certificate of thanks to give to the mayor; Mayor Hu translated it for him in person. Martin said that even though he is an American, he feels that he is a half Taiwanese. He would like to thank his teacher, Wen-Xue Hong, for teaching him martial arts and all persons who support and help him. Only due to the assistance of these persons’, can he be what he is today.

The American, Mr. Steven L. Martin (HUNG, JIN-HU), graduated from St. John Neumann CHS of Philadelphia and obtained honorable degrees in TRENTON State University of New Jersey State and BURLINGTON Prefecture University. Forty years ago. He followed with American army in Taiwan Qing-Quan-Gang airport and, for some reason, learned martial art from his teacher, Wen-Xue Hong.

Having an enthusiasm for martial arts, Martin wholeheartedly wanted to promote Taiwanese martial arts. After retiring from military service, he went back to USA and continuously recruited trainees who were interested in Chinese martial arts and developed more than forty Green Dragon Martial Art Schools in USA to teach over a thousand students. Many of his students have been champions of USA martial arts competitions. He has been invited to teach martial arts courses in several organizations, such as FBI, military police, special force, medical institutions, religious groups, and schools, etc.   

The Civil Administration Dept. expressed that, in order to thank Martin’s contribution to martial arts development and folk cultural exchange in Taichung, according to “Principle of Taichung Honorable Medal Issuance”, Taichung government awarded him the honorable citizen medal and license to reward his special devotion and contribution to Taichung city.

The Civil Administration Dept. has pointed out that Taichung medals are divided into four categories, including honorable citizen medal, honorable badge, gracious kindness badge, and loyal bravery badge. Furthermore, the honorable citizen medal must be given to foreign persons or non-local persons, enterprises, or groups (directors). Through a recommendation and approval process by Taichung municipal government, Taichung government will award honorable citizen medal and license to persons who have special contribution to Taichung city, in order to cite foreign persons’ love and contribution to the land of Taichung and encourage more devotion to Taichung city.

  • Date : 2008-03-27
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