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Parent-Children creative cake competition: A hundred parents and children celebrated Mother’s Day in advance(2008-04-27)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The recruiting and job matching activity “the Best Cake Maker” co-held by Taichung City government and Taichung City Bakery Association has started its second day. It held a Labor Parent-Children Creative Cake Decoration Competition at the central square on the first floor of Dean Shopping Mall. The Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, Hsiao Chia-Qi wished mothers all over the world a happy Mother’s Day with his hand-made cake.

Deputy Mayor Hsiao and honor guests such as Director of the Labor Division Lai Shu-Hui, Director of Social Affairs Chang Guo-Hui and City Councilor Liu Shi-Zhou, etc. made cake with their own hands with attending parents and children, putting layers of cream on the finished cake body and then decorated with fruits such as peaches and kiwis. Deputy Mayor Hsiao drew a big heart with cream and said “this super big heart represents the heart of sincerity and love of Taichung City, and I wish mothers all over the world a happy Mother’s Day.”

100 registered pairs of parents and children competed in five runs, 20 minutes for each run. Because it was the first time for most of the people to make hand-made cake, it seemed a little bit messy. Some of the mothers let go and had their children do whatever they could do, and some of the mothers could not stand their children’s messing around with cream on the table, so they just did by themselves. However, they needed chefs on the site to help them finish the job of decoration. Zhan Hu-Yu, a child who joined this activity said, “how come a thing which looks so easy can be that hard when we actually do it?”

At the end, every pair of parents and children all brought their hand-made cake home happily. There was a child saying, “I hope to eat my own cake as soon as possible.” The activity ended with satisfied smiles of every pair of parents and children.

  • Date : 2008-04-27
  • Hit: 24

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