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Exhibition of Meissen Porcelain from Germany at Taichung SOGO The Mayor praised the high quality(2008-05-15)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The most famous porcelain in Europe, with a 3 hundred year history, Meissen Porcelain from Germany, is on display at City Hall, FL18 of Taichung SOGO Department Store, from May 15 to May 18. Mr. Schoeppler, the Master and German National Treasure, brought his annual works to visit Taiwan. Hu Zhi-Qiang, Taichung City Mayor, attended the opening party today (5/15) and praised the high quality and high standards of Meissen Porcelain. “Of course, they have a high price.”

Mayor Hu said, with smiles, that when Meissen Porcelain first had an exhibition in Taichung City 3 years ago, he was very impressed because a very beautiful porcelain pendant lamp at the exhibition cost 15 million. He thought that it was for exhibition only. Surprisingly, the lamp was sold before the exhibition started. This changed his point of view about the purchasing power of people in Taichung. Mayor Hu concluded and said that he was proud of Taichung people’s purchasing power and at the same time certainly confident of the high quality and high price of Meissen Porcelain.

Master Schoeppler expressed that he had a lot of contact with people when he came last year, and he transferred his Taiwan experience into his creation and put it into his works. He felt it was a tempting assignment to create for customers in Taiwan.

Master Schoeppler is the Chief Art Executive of Meissen Porcelain with more than 40 years of painting experience. He has the traditional art style of Meissen Porcelain, and puts colorful components of contemporary culture into his works. It always makes people gasp in admiration whenever he has new works. Currently he devotes himself to an important creation for the 300th anniversary of the Meissen Porcelain factory in 2011. He also invited Mayor to addend the 300th anniversary party in Germany.

This special exhibition displayed hundreds of classical Meissen Porcelain works. Among them, a Meissen Jewelry Box drew a lot of attention. Made from prime ox hide, this jewelry box was equipped with Mocha Tableware for six people. It was the Sachsen royalty’s favorite in the 18th century, and is even the highest privileged diplomatic gift. The globally limited Mocha Jewelry Box series has delicate workmanship and elegant style.

  • Date : 2008-05-15
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