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Newlyweds Meeting for the Allied Wedding Please prepare necessary documents in the “Bag of Happiness” for registration(2008-05-17)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung City Government will hold the first Allied Wedding in Taiwan after the implementation of the registered marriage system, on 5/31. To address its importance, the City Government held a Newlyweds Meeting today (5/17) to explain to the future couples the legal components of completing a marriage ceremony on that day. Gender expert Dr. Peng Huai-Zhen, Director of Tunghai University Family Wellness Center, was also invited to share the tips for a perfect marriage.

Future couple Yu Feng-Di and Cheng Ting-Yi happily attended this Newlyweds Meeting hand in hand. Cheng Ting-Yi said it would not cause any trouble for them that Civil Law was amended to a registered marriage system, and attending the Allied Wedding held by Taichung City Government to make their wedding effectual. They will have a banquet with their relatives and friends, and complete the wedding on May 31st. Of course 5/31 every year will be the day they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Director of Civil Affair Department, Mu Guei-Shin congratulated newlyweds and reminded them to hand in the Bag of Happiness, which they were given today, when they check in on 5/31. It should contain their ID cards, pictures, seals, household certificates and Marriage agreement. Staff from 8 Household Registration Offices will come to the wedding to collect these Bags of Happiness, drive back to the Household Registration Offices in their Districts to input the data into computers, change National ID cards and household certificates and come back to the wedding before the ending of the allied wedding to give the new IDs to the newlyweds.

Due to being regulated in the amended Article 982 of Civil Law that “marriage registration should be done by both members of the couple at a household registration office”, to prevent criticism that the couples do not go to the household registration office, Department of Civil Affairs will invite the directors from 8 Household Registration Offices to attend the Allied Wedding and give the IDs to the couples after the registration on behalf of Household Registration Offices to complete the legal components. Director Mu said, almost half of the staff in 8 Household Registration Offices have to work over time on that day.

There are a total of 95 couples who have registered to attend this Allied Wedding. Among them, 3 couples did not register their household in Taichung City. Unless they make a appointment with the household registration office in their district and go back to the household registration office to register the day after completing the wedding, the marriage will still be invalid before the registration is completed even though these 3 couples will complete the wedding ceremony on 5/31.

Today’s host organization also invited Dr. Peng Huai-Zheng, the gender expert of Tunghai University Family Wellness Center, to share the tips of a perfect marriage. She reminds the couples that a lot of combinations are required for perfect communication between genders. It not only requires a calm brain and passionate heart for both parties, but also the observation of humanity and a interesting way to pass messages, so that the couple can have interaction and communication. Except for fundamental EQ and IQ, it requires also AQ (Adversity Quotient) + HQ(Happiness Quotient)and creativity to maintain a marriage. Even after marriage, love still continues.

  • Date : 2008-05-17
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