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Tzu Chi Foundation Taichung Division initiated a Joint Fund-Raising (2008-05-18)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

News about the disaster of the earthquake in Szechwan and the wind disaster in Myanmar is continuously coming out. Tzu Chi Foundation initiated the movement of “Create love from Tzu Chi to ease the suffering in China and Myanmar,” gathered more than one thousand Tzu Chi people this morning (5/18) and used fund-raising boxes to go door to door to raise money. Taichung City Mayor, Hu Zhi-Qiang came as the mayor and expressed respects and thanks to these Tzu Chi People. He said, “There are people who are suffering in the distant places. It’s day time here, but dark night there; happiness here, but suffering there. It needs everyone to show the love for the world and help them through the suffering as soon as possible.”

Tzy Chi, Taichung Division, gathered more than a thousand Tzu Chi people at 10 this morning, who were divided into more than 50 groups on the streets to knock on doors and ring door bells to remind people of their good kindness. The Mayor had a special speech before everyone set off, and expressed his respects and thanks. Mayor Hu said it was very easy to care about people and things around, but only by expressing our love to the world could we make the world better. When we had abundant clothing and food, some people were suffering in the distant place; while it was daytime here, it was dark night there; while it was happiness here, it was suffering there. It took everyone to expresses love to the world and helps the suffering through the difficulty as soon as possible.

The Mayor addressed that, Tzu Chi was the first organization to initiate joint fund-raising for the Szechwan earthquake, according to his understanding. The point of fund-raising included not only money but the purpose to remind everyone of the kindness everyone had. Today was a great sunny day, and he hoped Tzu Chi People could bring the sunshine to Szechwan and Myanmar to make the suffering people feel warm.

Chen Shuei-He, 1999’s 9/21 disaster household victim, joined the line of joint fund-raising today in his wheel chair. He used to be the session director of an electric water heater company in Nangang Industrial Park. He was covered by collapsed houses in the 9/21 earthquakes and became disabled. He was depressed once and wanted to give up rehabilitation. However, with the encouragement of Tzu Chi volunteers, he chose to face his life bravely. Even though he could only sit in his wheel chair and plant vegetables, fruits and flowers, he hoped to help more people out of shadow with his brave attitude to life.

“Awareness for the world should accompany world-shocking disasters.” Tzu Chi Foundation hopes to raise a religious and peaceful heart and wake up everyone’s peaceful nature. Disasters throughout the world need the union of people’s good thoughts. Donation by postal service is as follows: Account Name: Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (please put a remark specifying whether it’s for the earthquake disaster in Szechwan or the wind disaster in Myanmar), Account No.: 06692433.

  • Date : 2008-05-18
  • Hit: 24

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