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Officers of Consumer Protection Commission inspect the liquefied petroleum gas with the reasonable price and disqualified weight(2008-06-09)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Due to the rising price of petroleum and liquefied petroleum leading to the pressure of public perceived rising gas price and the emphasis on the relevant price from the Consumer Protection Commission, the Executive Yuan, Officer Ji-Hong Hong of Consumer Protection in Taichung City led relevant personnel from the Division of Consumer Protection and the related divisions, without warning, to check 5 gas companies and found that the price of 20-kg of liquefied petroleum gas was reasonable with the disqualified weight; the qualified weight rate was less than 30%; therefore, the check will be repeated and continued to render the public a fair and reasonable trade.

Officer Hong addressed, the price of liquefied petroleum gas being raised in accordance with the price of petroleum rising to NT$ 80-90 per bucket on May 28. The prices differed owing to different operating costs in companies; however, the public questioned the reason and reflected to the upper level, which attracted the concerns of the Consumer Protection Commission.

Regarding the price of 20-kg gas, the selling price is NT$800-880 per bucket; whereas, the incoming price is NT$700-730, indicating a reasonable price.

However, the weight failed to achieve the standard. 45 buckets were checked at random with 12 buckets qualifying; the qualified rate was less than 30%. The maximal shortage was 0.5kg; it was a disappointing result.

The national average price checked in the second half of May is NT$763.91 per bucket; whereas, that in Taichung City is NT$747.69, lower than the average price. As a result, the price is reasonable; nevertheless, the deficient weight will be inspected constantly in the future. The dealers are expected to keep the goodwill and will be fined at NT$60,000-1,500,000 according to Article 58 of the Consumer Protection Act if any disqualification is found.

  • Date : 2008-06-09
  • Hit: 18

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