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Mayor Hu as Chef Hu fries bamboo shoots with mullet roe to market jade bamboo shoots (2008-06-13)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government





Mayor Jason Hu, of Taichung City, wore the clothes of chef with an apron and was transformed into Chef Hu, to market Dakeng Golden Jade Bamboo Shoots, and cooked the dish “bamboo shoots with mullet roe” with Master A-Ki. Mayor Hu took a piece of bamboo shoots and said “Delicious, too delicious, too delicious” as if blacking out, while stir-frying, making the audience members’ mouths water.

Bamboo shoots in Dakeng of Taichung City have been sold for many years with a good reputation; Farmers Association of Taichung City has completed the patent licensing for Dadun Garden- Golden Jade Bamboo Shoots. Department of Economic Development of Taichung City Government has adopted Dadun Garden- Golden Jade Bamboo Shoots and Dadun Garden- Fresh Green Loofah as the primary agricultural products this year and is hosting “Agricultural Specialties Marketing in Taichung City 2008” and “Joyful Bamboo Shoots Festival 2008” in May-November. The marketing press convened on the 13th, where the famous chefs Master A-Ki and James, were invited to cook with Mayor Hu.

Mayor Hu, as Master A-Ki’s assistant, cooked “Bamboo Shoots with Mullet Roe” with the jade bamboo shoots, mullet roe and mullet; the mayor sliced bamboo shoots and joked, “I cooked Bamboo Shoots with Sliced Meat in Taipei the other days, so the sliced meat should be added here, too”, faking to cut his finger and surprising the audience. In fact, Mayor Hu was good at slicing and was encouraged by Master A-Ki, “Large pieces means passion and are good to eat; jade bamboo shoots with refined fiber and thickness are good to taste”.

Department of Economic Development indicates that Golden Jade Bamboo Shoots are certified by CAS and are the only bamboo shoots treated by pre-freezing preservation with fresh tender quality and safety; moreover, they are examined and selected via quality control processed by Farmers Association of Taichung City with the mark of Dadun Garden. The process of jade bamboo shoots pre-freezing: delivery to collecting place of Farmers Association within 2 hours of harvesting, wash and classify, 50-minute pre-freezing in icy water (enabling the core temperature of the bamboo shoots to decrease to 5 degrees centigrade and below), 40-munite storage in refrigerator, package and store (single), ship

This year another excellent vegetable has debuted; Dadun Garden- Fresh Green Loofah with the cylindrical pattern feature. It is shorter than a common one with a green surface, small protrusions and fine furs. The taste is fresh and sweet and crispy. It will remain green and will not turn black after being cooked.

  • Date : 2008-06-13
  • Hit: 10

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