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A maiden voyage between Xiamen and Taichung renders Central Taiwan the top of South China Economic Circle Wave(2008-07-04)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

A maiden-voyage flight from Taichung to Xiamen of Mandarin Airlines departed at 9:00am carried 167 passengers, demonstrating a historic direct flight. Mayor Jason Hu excitingly stated that this memorial moment had three significances: 1. Central Taiwan comprised of Taichung, Changhua and Nantou Counties and Taichung City has formed a mechanism of joint development; 2. a direct flight indicates the incoming of the Mainland tourists and more tourists from Hong Kong and Macau in Central Taiwan; and 3. Central Taiwan has occupied the top of South China Economic Circle Wave formed by Taichung, Xiamen and Hong Kong, all the way top.

Mayor Hu expressed that he wants to maintain a low profile with less words. However, due to the success of the direct charter flight today, he whishes to express his gratitude and strive for more. Owing to the help from Liouyi Liao Minister of the Interior and Chao-shiuan Liu Premier, the direct flight was successful; it was so close that it failed for the institutional issue and legal procedures. However, everything turned to be all right with their aids. With the consensus of Counties and City in Central Taiwan supporting the visit, the achievements were attained. Also the coordination of Hong Kong Xiamen Friendship Society urged the direct flight. Some criticized a direct flight urged by County Governors and Mayor as a Show, but it was a show for us to go to China which aimed at attracting more tourists in Taiwan for revival of economy.

Vice Minister Yuan-Shuan He of Transportation and Communications on behalf of Center dedicated the congratulation to the direct flight in Taichung Airport. County Governor Chung-Shen Huang addressed that County Governors and Mayor in Central Taiwan with a key duty would strive with all efforts. County Governor Bo-Yuan Zhuo of Changhua stated that the success of direct flight came from the efforts and persistence. He delivered his comfort and honors to Mayor Hu’s inconvenience. He expected Central Taiwan to step into the world and let the world come in. Vice Governor Chi-Ching Chen of Nantou County, on behalf of Governor Chao-Ching Li visited Mainland. He addressed that once Taichung Airport was full of tourists, there would be tourists in Sun Moon Lake in Nantou; he was honored to witness the moment in the history jointly.

The Delegation comprised of Chung-Shen Huang Governor of Taichung County, Bo-Yuan Zhuo Governor of Changhua County, Jason Hu Mayor of Taichung City, Hong-Nain Chang Chairman of Taichung City Council, Hong-Sen Bai Chairman of Changhua County Council, Chi-Ching Chen Vice-Governor of Nantou County and Tien-Wen Chen Vice-Chairman of Taichung City Council with 191 members of delegation who were expected to stay in Xiamen for 4 days 3 nights for engaging in the communications regarding economics, trade, culture and arts. They were to return to Taiwan in the afternoon on July 7th.

  • Date : 2008-07-04
  • Hit: 20

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