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Mayor Jason Hu, accompanying Premier Liu, surveys the flood caused by the downpour brought by the typhoon in Taichung City(2008-07-18)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

7th Typhoon Kalmaegi attacked Taiwan with downpour and storm. It rained for over 5 hours in the morning of 18th which caused the flooding disasters in Taichung City. Mayor Jason Hu, accompanying Premier Chao-shiuan Liu surveyed the severe places such as Mayuantou River and Fazu River in West District. Premier Liu directed Water Resources Agency to prioritize dealing with the flood issues in the preceding 2 rivers and demanded City Government to aid in affairs relating to land expropriation; meanwhile, Mayor Hu promised to cooperate with all efforts to resolve the flooding issues for the welfare of the citizens.

The successive rain for hours in Taichung City resulted in flood in many roads; moreover, the riverbank near No.50 Chungnan St., Mayuantou River in West District was destroyed by the torrents of flooding river. Mayor Hu hurried to inspect the site immediately after being informed. Also the first place where Premier Liu inspected was the site of Mayuantou River where he and Mayor Hu investigated the disasters.

According to Mayor Hu’s report to Premier Liu, the destroyed riverbank was made up with wave breakers at 12:00pm, for the river was still flooding in the morning and the wave breakers would be flushed away. Mayor Hu expressed the gratitude toward Premier Liu for he paid a visit to Taichung City in the first place which calmed the residents’ mind. Premier Liu directed Water Resources Agency to prioritize dealing with the riverbank that are destroyed; afterwards, the supplement construction was enhanced after rain and wind stopped to maintain the safety of the residents in the neighborhood.

The second place of the schedule was Chigao Bridge crossing above Fazu River on Wuchuan W. Rd. where Mayor Hu reported to Premier Liu that Hazu River was the most important river in Taichung City. Without a complete river-dredging plan, it will flood for the jammed Chunggang Interchange and Nantun Interchange as long as there is downpour; therefore, the public expect this river to be dredged completely. Water Resources Agency shall aid Taihcung City transforming this worry into bliss.

According to Premier Liu, the flood issues should be prioritized; the Center will handle the deficiency due to the insufficient budget in the past. He directed the Water Resources Agency, a competent authority, to deal with it soon for Fazu River is the river the Center is in charge of dredging. As for the land expropriation, he expected to see the construction done by the next year to resolve thoroughly the flood isuues oif Fazu River.

  • Date : 2008-07-18
  • Hit: 34

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