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Global View Monthly Ranked Taichung Top in 3 Areas - Mr. Kao, Charles H.C. Deliver the Prize to Mayor Hu (2008-08-25)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung won 5 stars for administrative satisfaction, the top accolade for Anti-Corruption of Magistrate, as well as the first place for quality of life in the 2008 County and City Competitiveness Investigation for 25 Domestic Municipalities, conducted by the magazine Global View Monthly. Mr. Kao, founder, Mr. Wang, Li Shing, the publisher, Miss Yang, and Ma Li, the editor in chief traveled to Taichung to deliver the award. Mayor Hu when receiving the award in person commented on its importance and recognized it as motivation for the city government to further improve. 

According to Mr. Kao, the investigations covering 25 municipalities showed 3 cities received the highest standard in terms of hardware and software. Other areas included hotels bearing 5 stars, of which Taichung was one, quality of life and anti-corruption of magistrate. Mr. Kao introduced the Poll Center for Global View Monthly which was founded 2 years ago boasting an investigative error rate of only 3%. In a poll investigation of the presidential election in March the poll center limited errors to only 2%. Based on the investigation held by a center with relatively accurate results, Taichung should take pride in their great achievement.

Mayor Hu complimented Professor Kao as the source of his inner wisdom, citing his motto that nothing comes for free. The professor has a gentle smiling demeanor with intelligent eyes, the mayor described, giving substance to the simple truths he speaks. When focused, the professor, has a more serious appearance, which can be quite intimidating. Because of his respect for professor Kao, the mayor took great pride in the recognition of Taichung's achievement from the magazine and looked at it as motivation to pursue further breakthroughs in administration.

Professor Kao said that Taichung was like his second hometown. His time in the Taichung Agricultural College (the former body of current Chung Hsiung University) was the most important and happy period in his life. He recalled that he used to spend 4 hours to take the slow train from Nankang District in Taipei, remaining in Taichung all year. Taichung 50 years ago was the best city culturally from the viewpoint of a youngster. However superficially, there have been significant changes during past 50 years, including 8 years under administration of Mayor Hu and his government colleagues. For this great honor, the city government deserved his special commendation in addition to the award.

  • Date : 2008-08-25
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