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In response to World Water Monitoring Day, everyone should participate in energy-saving and co2-emission reduction(2008-09-26)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In response to the 2008 World Water Monitoring Day, Bureau of Environmental Protection, Taichung City held the activity of “Strikes by Environmental Little Protectors on 2008 World Water Monitoring Day” in the FengLe Sculpture Park, Nantun District at 13:30 on Sep. 26. Taichung Deputy Mayor Hsiao Chia-chi said that environmental protection is very important, and he hoped that through this activity the education of environmental protection would become deeply rooted in younger generations to make this world better.

According to the Bureau of Environmental Protection Taichung City, it is the 6th occasion of holding the activity. This year, teachers, and students from Morrison Academy MK School and Nantun Elementary School were invited to jointly participate. The main purpose was to allow the participating pupils to understand that everyone is a part of the global village, and should make joint efforts to maintain the quality of water environments, no matter of color or nationality is. It was expected that through this activity the pupils would be able to personally experience the means of water quality detection, and to understand rivers’ water quality. Through easy water quality detection and promotion of reducing waste-water, the pupils’ understanding toward water environment would be enhanced. Furthermore, their observations to care about the water quality in surrounding environments would be cultivated. Hence, the concept of protecting the quality of water environments will be deeply rooted in younger generations and grow upwards, to fulfill the promotional goals of loving and protecting rivers and streams.

World Water Monitoring Day is an activity concerned about the quality of global water environments. It originated jointly by the International Water Association (IWA), America's Clean Water Foundation, and American units of environmental protection in 2003, and an annual period from Sep. 18 to Oct. 18 was chosen to be World Water Monitoring Days. In this activity, teachers and students from junior high or elementary schools will be invited to monitor water quality jointly, in order to increase their understanding about environmental water quality, and to further protect the quality of environmental waters, making joint efforts to protect the Earth‘s water resources.

In order to allow all civilians to be concerned over the issue of “global warming” and “ shortages of water resources”, the Bureau of Environmental Protection appeals to all civilians to respond to “water saving” as well as “energy-saving and co2-emission reduction”, to make efforts for Taichung’s environment. Thus, Taichung’s international image will be enhanced; a beautiful and comfortable environment will also be created.

  • Date : 2008-09-26
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