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Thousands of people's hosting meal preparation in TaKeng, and their innovative flavors winning high praises from a Food Master from Hong Kong, and domestic and international participants (2008-10-04)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In With a fall breeze of fall, TaKeng toady is so joyful because of the 2008 TaKeng Festival ��" Thousands of People's Hosting Meal Preparation, initiated by the Department of Information. Over one thousands of visitors crowded in TaKeng to enjoy the local cuisines, and taste the attractive flavors under a starrying sky. Daniel, the God of Cookery from Hong Kong, cannot stop praising thosethe various delicate meals, and describinge the food festival as a rare occasion in the world. In addition, he expresses his intention to specially introduce the TaKeng Festival in his upcoming new books about cuisines.

Thousands of People's Hosing Meal Preparation in TaKeng invites singing and dancing performers, andwith the atmosphere peak in the Festival isbeing the raffle of a Ford Focus 1.8. TheA 14-year-old kidboy, Chou, Wei-Sheng, is was the lucky to winner of the raffle award, and his Mother, Ju, YuPing, receives received it for him. Her happiness is was so obviously expressed that people around her cannot could not help showing their admirations.

Mayor Hu states stated that he welcomes people to often visit TaKeng for meals, fun, and local agricultural products. The Festival, held by the city government, is so attractive that 100 tables are were filled only half a day after the opening of reservations. Small and medium sized Macau small and medium enterprise groups, visitors from Kungtong, China, LA, USA, and Hong Kong, staff of the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, domestic tourists, the the God of Cookery from Hong Kong, and Fe-Chai, the host of a TV cuisine show coame to the Festival, proving showing significant progress and internationalization of the Festival.

  • Date : 2008-10-04
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