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Macau media visit Taichung City, Gambling Act and Taichung-Macau Direct Flight become the hot topics(2008-10-23)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The 10-visitor group from Macau media visits visited 4 counties and cities in central Taiwan, and heads to their continual next visit stop in Taichung today for to scenery appreciationsight see and tasteing cuisines, as well as talking to Mayor Hu. They all are concerned with alleviating relieving the gambling ban in on off-shore islands, and a Taichung-Macau direct flight. Mayor Hu points out that the Gambling Act is a significant breaking-through in concepts of government officials, which may help to creating create internationally competitive environments. Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport has its high potentials forin terms of tourism industries in the scenario of a Taichung-Macau direct flight.

Mayor Hu, who receives received interviews of from the Macau Media, calls for a concept change about regarding gambling tourism. The new type of tourism is believed to bring developments of tourism, recreation, and performance industriesindustry developments. For instance the Guggenheim Museum even has a branch, in Las Vegas Guggenheim Museum even has a branch. The complex of family tourism, leisure, and recreation has changed the gambling industry to make gambling as just one element of the complex. After receiving starting a gambling industry in on offshore islands, surrounding businesses are the key to success, such as hotels and restaurants, and cultural activities. In addition, some key points questions include: can the gambling industry in Taiwan can compete with that in Macau and Singapore in Asia? isAre the international investment investors interested in Taiwan? How about tourist sourcesWhere will tourists come from?

He also mentions that the Taichung ChenNan recreational zone near Taiwan High-speed Railroad station has attracted interests from Macau and Las Vegas; however, the central government does not intend to introduce gambling industries in to the main island of Taiwan. Thus, he is not active in inviting developmentsdevelopors.

After the Taichung-Macau direct flight since this July, Mayor Hu expects more active measures from both sides to increase flights and develop tourism industries in both areas. He stresses that the total population is about 6 million people in central Taiwan where there are rich tourism resources. Also, Hong Kong and Macau was were considered a connected tourism destinations, but the truth is that Macau can be an independent place for further exploration. The direct flights between the 2 places areas are believed to have huge potentials.

The visit of Macau media group is a warming point for the promotion event of central-Taiwan local agriculture and tourism, in December, in Hong Kong and Macau. This time, journalists of MASTV, Macau Daily News, Macau Monthly, and Macau Morning News are members of the visiting group. They enjoyed 60 different disserts desserts of the National Party in the Splendor Hotel last night, and tasted Sunrise Cheese Cake, in exotic restaurants onin the Museum garden area, and the sun cake in Nine Sun Cakes in the ChiYo Business District this morning. Their lunch exploration iswas Manchurian hot pot in Uncle’s Hometown Flavor. The media has recorded dissertsdesserts, suncake, and other cuisines with their videos and photos, and MASTV has decides decided to have the a special topic, Taipei Manchurian hot pot VS Uncle’s Hometown Flavor in Taichung, to attract people in Macau to list Taichung as a must-come see city.

  • Date : 2008-10-23
  • Hit: 22

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