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Physically-disabled Tourist, Mr. Kizima has a happy talk with Mayor Hu(2008-10-28)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Eden Social Welfare Foundation acompanies Mr. Kizima, the a physically-disabled tourist, to visit Mayor Hu today, and expresses that Mayor Hu can lead Taichung City to become a barrier-free travel and tourism destination. Mayor Hu extensively agrees and supports the suggestions, and welcomes critics criticism and comments about regarding barrier-free facilities in the City.

Mayor Hu says that being barrier-free is providing access-free- access services for mentally and physically disabled people, and mentions some improvement plans for regarding handicap- free space for the disabled, such as lifts in ChongShang Hall, costing over 10 million dollars, and undergoing the current construction of 2 escalators connecting 2 platforms in Taichung Railroad Station, which is are going to be completed at by the end of the year end. Mayor Hu believes the more comments he receives from outside the City Government, the better the Government can serve mentally or physically-handicapped challenged residents.

According to the Department of Social Affairs, Eden Social Welfare Foundation has promoted the barrier- free tourisms in at the International Tourism Exhibition for consecutively for 3 years, and this year invites invited the travel expert, Mr. Kizima who has travelled in 88 countries forover 15 years to share his global travel experiences and to score barrier-free travel in Taiwan.

Mr. Kizima offers offered lectures for some schools in Taichung City and visits visited Mayor Hu, who recommends Taichung City as a friendly city and encourages all physically disabled challenged friends, like Mr. Kizima to enjoy all mountainous and river cities in Taiwan, creating their broad and enriched contents in livelife

  • Date : 2008-10-28
  • Hit: 19

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