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The Huang Chun-Hsiung Puppet Troupe is going to perform “The Grand Finale of Shih Yan-Wen and the Man in the Mirror”, in Taichung.(2008-11-01)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Do you still remember the master Huang Chun-Hsiung’s “Shih Yan-Wen, the Yunchou Scholar Knight” puppet opera series, a TTV production, which broke an all-time TV show rating record of a 97 percent in 1970? Today, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the East District Office of Taichung City is inviting you to enjoy the “2008 Cultural Festival of Huang Chun-Hsiung’s Puppet Opera” at 7:30 p.m. in the 228 Memorial Plaza of Dong -Fong East District park. Everyone is very welcomed to join this cultural feast.

The head of the East District Office indicated that this puppet performance represents the fruitful results of recent traditional folk art culture development and recalls the love for traditional puppetry.

“The Grand Finale of Shih Yan-Wen and the Man in the Mirror” is the main theme of the play describing the fate when Shih Yan-Wen meets his life-long partner Liu Xuan-Gu. On their way to meet Emperor Yue-Fei, Shi traveled to Hangzhou with his servant, and they lodged at Liu San’s tavern. Liu San treated Shih with hospitality, showed him around the beauty of West Lake and introduced his sister Liu Xuan-Ku to Shih. Unexpectedly, Liu Xuan-Gu was kidnapped by the a monk of Chao-Ching temple and given as a gift to the imperial supervisor, An Tian-Xiang. Shi Yan-Wen bravely fought against the monk to rescue Liu’s sister and to show her gratitude to Shi, she decided to marry him.

In addition to the puppet show, the local Tax Bureau, the Department of Legal Affairs and the Bureau of National Health Insurance will be invited to promote tax, regulations and national heath. You are very welcomed to participate in this grant grand event.

  • Date : 2008-11-01
  • Hit: 34

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