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Taiwan and Korea invitational college baseball tournament – the 4 invited teams will start the competition on 25th November.(2008-11-24)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The invitational college baseball tournament has been ceased for more than 10 years. On 25th November of this year, the baseball teams of Dankook University, Korea University, National Taiwan Sport University of Taichung and National Taiwan Sport University of Taoyuan will compete at Taichung Baseball Stadium and Taichung International Baseball Stadium. The tournaments will be broadcasted on Sport Videoland and entrance it’s is free for entrance. People are welcomed to cheer for the baseball starts!

In 1985, Taichung city hosted the 1st international college baseball tournament inviting Keio University, Waseda University, Korean and Taiwanese Universities to the competition. At that time, the famous baseball players such as Huang Ping-Yang, Chen Yi-Hsin, Wang Kuang-Huei and Lin Yi-Tseng were selected for as the tournament players. Because of the games, the baseball players were recognized internationally and given the opportunity to promote their cities and learn from each other. This has beenwas a great experience for all of them.

Professor Lin Hua-Wei, the professor of National Taiwan Sport University contributing to the organization of this year’s invitational baseball tournament, said he often hears Japanese and Korean college baseball teams mentioning about the tournament affairs and hoping to compete with the best baseball teams in Asia. Since the time for to arrangeing this invitational tournament is very limited, Japanese teams are not able to participate at this time. We hope they will be able to participate in the tournament next year.

Professor Lin Hua-Wei emphasizes that the Taiwanese players playing in the American Minor League such as Cheng Chi-Hung of National Taiwan Sport University baseball team of Taichung campus and Chen Chun-Hsiu of Taoyuan campus can come back to Taipei for the tournament during the winter break bringing new ideas for baseball from their training experiences in America.

The elimination games and semi-finals will last 4 days starting from the 25th in Taichiung Baseball Stadium and the finals will be held on the 30th in Taichung International Stadium. The admission is free and baseball fans are welcomed to watch the games.

  • Date : 2008-11-24
  • Hit: 12

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