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Physically challenged people have great results from vocational trainings; many of the students were approved by manufacturers and received job opportunities. (2008-12-12)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Bureau of Labor Affairs, Taichung City Government held the “2008 Physically and Mentally Challenged People Vocational Training Joint Result Exhibition” today (12th). There were a total of 61 students who completed the training. City Mayor Jason C. Hu awarded the certificates to the student representatives, “C-Class Massage”, Wong Jing-Ing, “Resource Recycling”, Chen Bo-Yu, “Hotel Housekeeping Training”, Pong Chih-Cheng, “Restaurant Marketing Promotion”, Yang Chien-Hua, and “Internet Marketing”, Chen Mao-Song, who completed the training. Mayor Hu also gradually inspected the results in the result display area and praised at the students’ hard-working efforts and spirits.

Mayor Hu said, although the economic situation is not well, with the enthusiasm and assistance of Splendor Hotel, Taichung City’s big enterprises, the training results of the physically challenged people are rich. He also pointed out that, according to his understanding, of the students who participated in this vocational training, 9 out of 15 students in one class are already working, and the other 6 also found jobs, but they haven’t signed in yet.

Mayor Hu also said that physically challenged people already have poor congenital conditions. We must help them, and give them opportunities to prove that they are useful so they can make some efforts for the community.

Pong Chih-Cheng who represented the “Hotel Housekeeping Training Class”, said that in the training process, he learned housekeeping techniques, job place ethics, and emotional management, etc. knowledge and techniques. He also thanked the Bureau of Labor Affairs, and Splendor Hotel, etc. for providing the opportunity which allowed him to be able to serve others.

In order to assist the physically challenged people to find jobs, the Bureau of Labor Affairs, Taichung City Government, planned a diverse vocational techniques training class according to market demands, which allows physically challenged people to learn and develop their vocational skills. There are C-Class Massage Class, Resource Recycling Class, Hotel Housekeeping Class, Restaurant Marketing and Promotion Class, and Internet Marketing Class, open and 70 training opportunities are provided. There were 65 physically challenged people who signed up to participated in the training. During the training process, some students found suitable jobs so they stopped the training, and some students who couldn’t continue the training due to being unhealthy. There were a total of 61 students who completed the entire training course.

The participating students have different disabilities, there are students who are blind, but in order to learn, they commute for more than one hour for the training everyday, which is very challenging for visually impaired people. There are also students who depend on wheelchairs. In order to learn every professional knowledge and product photography in the computer lesson, they do not complaint about sitting on the wheelchair for a long period of time and having bedsores.

The Bureau of Labor Affair said that although the economy is not doing so well, these trained physically challenged students can all succeed, whether in founding a business or seeking a job. They can also become the reinforcement that assists Taiwan’s economy, as long as they are good at one thing, they will be able to increase the competitiveness in the job place.

  • Date : 2008-12-12
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