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Lighting the Christmas tree lights on the art path; Mayor Hu wishes everyone"Merry Christmas! "(2008-12-20)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

To greet the coming Christmas, Taichung City has the first light image street of Taiwan today (20th), four symbolic candles were lit on the art path, and more and more candles were lit to gradually brighten the entire corridor. Love arrives early and continues to expand. Singer “Xiao Huang-Chih”, Super Star II, and national Olympiad, Seattle Mariners player, Luo Kwo-Huei are invited to accompany everyone for Christmas.

The lighting activity of Taichung City’s art corridor tonight rages from National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts to Wuquan 8th St. The lights will gradually brighten up the corridor, the forest light sea formed by 200,000 light bulbs stretch for one kilometer. On the 20th, the entire lighting area will have music accompanied with laser and high-altitude set-beams to perform a rare music and light show. The night sky of Taichung City will have the first light image street which has sound, lights, technology and people’s participation.

Starting from 15:00, the city government will start the Christmas forest marketing activity in the art corridor. At the scene, in addition to a brilliant masquerade carnival, love fair, free oral health check up, and community performance, singer, Xiao Huang-Chih, Super Star II and national Olympic player Luo Kwo-Huei are also invited to have fun with everybody. At the same time, a Luo Kwo- Huei and Wang Jian-Min signed baseball will be charity auctioned. All the earnings will be donated to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation as the breakfast fee for children in remote elementary schools.

  • Date : 2008-12-20
  • Hit: 20

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