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Maiden Flight Ceremony of Taichung-Hangzhou; more convenient cross-strait communication (2008-12-21)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The new route (Taichung-Hangzhou) opened by Mandarin Airlines departed with 104 passengers from Taichung Airport at 11:00 this morning (21st) to Hangzhou, China, which has created a new record for cross-strait direct flights. Taichung City mayor Jason C. Hu and Taichung County Magistrate Huang Jhong-Sheng were invited as the maiden flight guests by Mandarin Airlines. The two local leaders both think the strengthening of cross-strait communication shall be more diverse. They expect to open more routes with Mandarin Airlines to serve the people and passengers in central Taiwan.

The Mayor said, “There was the maiden flight from Xiamen to Taichung yesterday, and the maiden flight from Taichung to Hangzhou today. We wish to open regular routes from Taichung to Guangzhou and to Shenzhen. It will not only benefit businessman but also bring more tourists and new industrial business opportunities to central Taiwan.” He also called for reducing the restrictions on the cross-strait flights, opening up the market to be more diverse, so the development of Taichung will be more rapid.

Today, China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines specially held the maiden flight ceremony. The ceremony formally started at 10:00 this morning, after lively lion dances. Chairman Wei Hsing-Hsiung of China Airlines said in the speech, “The central region has high commercial, tourism, and investment development potential. China Airlines will actively assist Taichung ~ Hangzhou’s air transport development to assist more close cooperation and development for the two regions in the future.”

Mandarin Airlines pointed out, it’s around 1 hour and 40 minutes from Taichung to Hangzhou. The charter flight uses the new E190 aircraft manufactured by the number three global aircraft manufacturing company, Embraer, to execute the flight task. The seats are allocated 2X2 each row to provide passengers with the most comfortable sitting space, and each aircraft can carry 104 passengers. In the future, there will be a total of three charter flights from Taiwan to Hangzhou. China Airline will have one flight on Mondays and Fridays from Taipei to Hangzhou, and Mandarin Airlines will have one flight on Sundays from Taichung to Hangzhou. The two airlines will provide the most convenient and comfortable direct flight service to allow all passengers and businessmen to travel freely across the strait.

  • Date : 2008-12-21
  • Hit: 15

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