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The chiefs of the four counties and cities in Central Taiwan visited Hong Kong for the first time— the beginning of a good relationship (2009-01-07)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Today, the chiefs of the four counties and cities in central Taiwan visited Hong Kong together, and were given a warm welcome by all circles of the Hong Kong government. Then, a press conference was convened. Taichung City Mayor Hu stressed that such a great array of a visit was unprecedented. He quoted the famous words in from the movie “Casablanca” and said, “We hope this is the beginning of a good relationship between Taiwan and Hong Kong!”

According to City Mayor Hu, on the one hand, they hoped that the visit made by the four counties and cities can prompt Hong Kong people to know Central Taiwan’s culture and art, as well as promoting promote exchanges in economy and trades, hence facilitating the bilateral reciprocal relationship. On the other hand, they hoped to facilitate the realization of Hong Kong Visas on arrival, so that the bilateral contacts will be closer. At present, the period of Visa validity is one month; however, they hoped that the Hong Kong government will give a much more friendly response in the future. BesidesIn addition, they promoted marketing about regarding Central Taiwan, hoping that for tourists can to have profound travels in Central Taiwan in the future, instead of visiting Taipei and Kaohsiung only. In addition, he hoped that direct flights between Taichung and Macao will be available before this year’s end. He said that at present some airlines have been proceeding with negotiations, and that it will be greatly helpful to the sightseeing and tourism development in Central Taiwan as well as the output of agricultural and special products, if the affair can be achieved as soon as possible.

According to City Mayor Hu, in this visit, the chiefs of the four counties and cities presented Sun Cake, Pearl Milk Tea, Meat Balls, Tea, and pears, which are the most creative products of best quality, for to the Hong Kong people to have a try and draw lots for prizes of traveling in Central Taiwan, so that they will get to know how beautiful the Central Taiwan is.

Hong Kong media were very concerned about whether direct cross-strait flights will do harm to Hong Kong. In City Mayor Hu’s opinion, the number of visitors going to Hong Kong does not seem obviously decreased obviously at present, and Hong Kong should not keep itself to beas the role of a midway transporting station, because Hong Kong itself has the charm to attract generations of young visitors.

Tomorrow, the team and City Mayor Hu will hold talks with Hong Kong’s tourism field to know discover Hong Kong’s experience in extending unrestrained travels for mainland tourists, in order to enhance Central Taiwan’s conduct of attracting mainland tourists in the future. Meanwhile, the sightseeing and tourism marketing will be held at the Hong Kong World Trade Centre, allowing Hong Kong people to know discover Central Taiwan’s charm.

  • Date : 2009-01-07
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