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The first round of prize-drawingthe raffle held for to promoteing shopping voucher usage:Five lucky winners are from Taichung, Changhua and Nantou(2009-02-02)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In the first round of striking prize-drawingthe “Luxurious Residence Winning in Taichung by NT. 3000 Shopping Vouchers” raffle in Taichung City, five lucky persons were drawn out among over 0.12 million lucky drawraffle tickets in thethis evening today (Feb. 2nd). They are Hong-Jun Chen and Su-Yun Luo from Taichung City, Shu-Yan Wang from Qingshui Township and Qiao-Meng LUO from Shengang Township in Taichung County, and Zhao-Jin Qiu from Nantou County. City Mayor, Jason Hu, called out to the five lucky persons on the spot and expressed his congratulations. The prize-winners all exclaimed aloud when receiving the phone calls, saying they were so lucky.

On the scene in the first round of prize-drawingthe “Luxurious Residence Winning in Taichung by NT. 3000 Shopping Vouchers” raffle tonight, each bag contained 2000 tickets, and with 63 bags in total; each bag was bundled up and sealed up completely. At first, City Mayor, Jason Hu, chose the bags’ numbers by turning the turntable, and put these entireall the bags of lucky drawraffle tickets into the transparent prize-drawing box one by one. Meanwhile, the City Mayor Hu, Hong-Nian Zhang, the Council Chairman of Council, Tian-Wen Chen, the Council Vice Chairman of Council, Hua-Yu Wang, the Board Chairman of Mandarin Airlines, and Cong-Lin Yang, the General Manager of Best Travel Inc., respectively drew out the five lucky personswinners, and each person won a round-trip air ticket of “Taichung��"Hangzhou” air ticket (including 4-days accommodation) worth NT. 50,000. After they were drawn out, their qualifications were verified by Chao-Xing Tu, the a laywer, and Ya-Hui Yang, the accountant on the spot. After the verification was confirmed, City Mayor Hu also immediately called out to the five lucky persons winners on the scene immediately, and invited them to receive their prizes on at the scene of light-up inauguration (Fulfillment Amphitheatre) in at the “2009 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival” on Feb. 3rd.

City Mayor Hu made an appeal to everyone to use shopping vouchers, in order to stimulate the economy. He said, “If we want to get rid of the predicament, we should make consumption consume first; if we want to make money, we should spend money first! Only by promoting the consumption can we get rid of this financial crisis as soon as possible, so that everyone is able to earn a great deal of fortune.” Upon seeing that Taichung City has had significant power of regarding money-attractiveness to spend shopping vouchers, and that the effect of prize-drawingthe raffle is uniquely with creativeity, when asked whether the ‘horse’ stakes will increase, City Mayor Hu answered humorously, “ The ‘Two Ma (PS. family name, meaning ‘horse’ in Chinese originally) Meeting’ between President Ying-jeou Ma and Yo-Yo Ma during the Chinese New Year holidays had already doubled the ‘Ma (PS. a play on words of ‘horse stake’)’, and Obama was talked about; if the effect of prize-drawingthe raffle is very good, and the city council also supports it, the possibility of ‘increasing the ‘horse’ stakes’ is enhancing.”

According to the Department of Economic Development in the city government, the next raffle round of prize-drawing is on Feb. 15th, and Mitsubishi 2.4 RVs will be presented. Anyone nationwide who wants to win an RV worth NT. one million or a luxurious residence worth NT. ten million in Taichung City is welcome to go shopping in Taichung City; please be hurryied! All you have to do is to spend shopping vouchers amounting to NT. 3000, and you will have the chance to drive a car worth NT. Oone million, or to reside in the luxurious residence worth NT. ten million.

  • Date : 2009-02-02
  • Hit: 27

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