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The Major Theme Lantern“Ling-ling” successfully hit a homerun. (2009-02-09)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

5,4,3,2,1…Wow! Ling-ling is playing baseball. The firecracker fireworks show is so beautiful! Today (Feb.9 )Feb.9), Taichung Municipal Government hold held the “Mid-Taiwan Lantern Festival Carnival”. The Mayor Hu of Taichung City led the visitors to count down. The theme lantern “Ling-ling” and the firecrackers fireworks lighten lit up the sky in Taichung City. People used cameras to capture the scene. Mayor Hu declared that the Mid-Taiwan Mid-Taiwan Lantern Festival is was the most joyful and beautiful one in Taiwan. Until today, the 8th day of the carnival, the number of visitors has had been over 200 million.

Mayor Hu said that the citizens of Taichung iscitizens of Taichung are the most blessed., Because because Taichung has the best outdoor auditorium��"The Taichung Yuan-Mun Outdoor Auditorium (located in the Wenxin Forest Park ) to host the best lantern festival carnival��"The Mid-Taiwan lantern Festival in Taiwan. It was the 8th day of the carnival and the number of the visitors has had been exceeded 2 million. Hopefully, the number of the visitors could can be reach over 3 millions. In addition, Mayor Hu also said that Taichung City offered the best prize for the Consumer Coupon Lucky Draw. He believed that the people in Taichung are the most blessed and he wishwishes all the people happiness, health and happiness.

The Mid-Taiwan Lantern Festival Carnival Party begun began at 7 pm on Feb. 9 in the Taichung Wenxin Forest Park. About 500 thousand visitors joined the party. The park was crowded with the people and the traffic in the neighborhood was very heavy. Mayor Hu thanked the citizens to for joining the lantern festival carnival and invited the audience to come to the closing party on February 15. The lucky winner for the Consumer Campaign Coupon can drive the prize��"a car back home.

The Mid-Taiwan Lantern Festival Carnival established many cute style cartoon style lanterns. It started form from February 2nd and it was the 8th day of the festival and successfully attracted many visitors. Mayor Hu said., “Though the economic economy was has worsened, the children have the right to ask parents to take them to the carnival. I expecept the number visitors will to be over 2 million and could be increasinge! ”

The Mid-Taiwan Lantern Festival also combined the traditional art programs to widen the audience range. Many people said the program arrangement and stalls are were all exciting. In order to serve the non-local visitors, Taichung Municipal Government offered courtesy shuttle buses every Saturday and Sunday during the carnival. From 2 to 10 pm in on February 14 and 15, the courtesy shuttle buses will start from the carnival venue and Taichung Railway Station. It is free forThe non-local visitors are free to take the bus.

  • Date : 2009-02-09
  • Hit: 24

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