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The Walking Campaign of “Walk in Love and Step into Joy” launched on March 8 at Wenxin Forest Park(2009-03-08)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Jason Hu, the Mayor of Taichung City, attended the walking campaign of “Walk in Love and Step into Joy” which was hosted by Taiwan World Vision and the Christian churches in Taichung region. Jason Hu gave a speech in at the campaign and indicated that he needs Taichung citizens to work with him to create an environment which will make every childrenchild happy. All of the 5000 attendees applause applauded to his speech. 

The campaign started at 2 pm on Women and Children’s Day with the activity of “Walk in Love and Step into Joy” which was hosted by World Vision and the Christian Churches in Taichung region. The campaign appealed to people to pay attention to child protection and makefor family families and Taichung City to be full of happiness. There were over 5000 people gathered before 2 pm in the park. The Mayor, Jason Hu arrived at the park and cheered up the volunteers. He asked the citizens of Taichung City to take care of the children around them and guard their safety.

According to the host organization, there were over 50 churches, organizations, enterprises, social groups which joined the campaign. The number of the attendees has reached the peak for the non-political activities in the recent years. The age of the attendees ranged from 3 to 70 years old. Many parents take took their children to join the parade. The number of the attendees has was over 5000, before 2 pm.

The organizer, clergyman Mr. Siew Hsian-xiu Xiu, emphasized that the economic recession made many people upset and depressed., theThe value of family and love became more important during the period. He asked people to fight the economic recession with love. Let love accompany people to survive through the tough moments. He believed that the happy children ischildren are from the happy families and only happy families make the city happy city. The income of the campaign will be donated to World Vision for children protection.

The Chairman of World Vision Taiwan, Mr. Tu Ming-hanHan, said the that World Vision has had set the a women and children protection hot line (113) set up for 13 years. According to the past experience, they found that, the familyies without love will be very fragile if any economic crisis or frustration happenedoccurs,. The economic turbulence has threatenthreatened many families and the demand of for help has been rising day by day. He thought thinks that everyone is responsible to help the others who need help. Therefore, he urged the public to support the happy city and families and protect the children. He believes that if people are kind to the others, the economics economy will be recovered sooner.

  • Date : 2009-03-08
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