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Taichung City Government held a western fairy tale style joint wedding (2009-05-23)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

At 9 am today (23), Taichung City Government held the first civil joint weeding of 2009 for the public service employees and citizens, at Taichung City Hall Square. The theme of the wedding is was “Fall in love in Taichung and made make a century long promise of centaury”. The Mayor Jason Hu was the officiator of the wedding and Chang Hong-nien, the Speaker of Taichung City Council, was invited as to be the witness of the wedding. The wedding was held in front of a Baroque style historical building which looked like a fairy tale castle in fairy tale. The couples would will not never forget the romantic moment in for the rest of their lifelives.

In order to set up the romantic environment, the venue was decorated as a dreamy the fairy tale castle where the Princess Snow White and the Prince Charming used to live in the fairy tale. Also, all of the workers were dressed in western costumes to serve the couples. After the wedding, all of the couples danced the Waltz around the fountain in the square. It was a joyful party.

Mayor Jason Hu said that the organizer of the wedding was very thoughtful and the decoration was very romantic. He especially noticed that the organizer set up tents to avoid strong sunshine. He said that it could be the last time to holda joint wedding is held in the City Hall Square,. Bbecause in next year, the City Government will moved to the new City Hall. Hu told the couples that the current City Hall building could be the oldest on service city hall building in service in Taiwan. He reminded the grooms to remember the face of their brides, because “All of the brides married you in their the most beautiful moment of their lifetime. After the wedding, the bride will become your the most important member of your family to take care of you, and bear your babies. Very soon, you will both get old. Please appreciate the moments with your beautiful bride. Maybe, suddenly, you will found findout an old woman lying beside you.” He said this is his personal experience. Hu’s sharing speech moved the couples, especially the brides.

The jointed wedding also provided many internship opportunities for the students who planned to join the wedding industry. This year, the students of the Department of Dance of National Sport University and Tunghai University and Chao-yang University of Technology joined as the intern workers.

According to the amendments of the Family of Civil Code enacted on May 23 of 2008, the marriage shall only be valid after filing registration tois filed at the Household Registration Office. Taichung City Government arranged household registration booths for the newlywed married couples in order to mademake the couples officially and legal husbands and wives right after the wedding.

  • Date : 2009-05-23
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