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EPA Launch “Love Our Earth” campaign (2009-06-02)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Environmental Protection Administration of Executive Yuan(Yuan (EPA) launched a series of campaigns to promote environmental protection and energy saving. Following the consumer campaign, EPA launched the a website campaign including e-learning, a lucky draw, Trivia a trivia game and discounts for green products. People will get up to 65% discount off for of some specificcertain environmentally friendly commodities in the pool purchase campaign. Through the campaign, the public will learn the knowledge for about environmental protection, and energy saving, and may purchase the “green products” thus to enhance the environmental protection and reduce the carbon emissions. 

EPA said that the first consumer Trivia trivia game event of the “Earth Environmental Protection” campaign, which was launched on April 13, was very popular. It has attracted more than 17587 people around the island to take part in the game. In order to enhance the promotion of environmental protection and green consumption, EPA will organize 50 promotional events around the island. The first event of the campaign had was held in Hualien on May 16, and end up withwill end with the a bicycle riding event in Kaohsiung on June 21.

In addition, EPA invited 12 Green Mark product suppliers to launch aan on-line pool purchase campaign. The sale included 90 items of house hold and office suppliessupply items. The range of discounts depends depended on the volume of the on-line order. The maximum discount was 45%. The last day of the sale is was April 11. Through the event, the consumers would learned the knowledge ofabout green products and cultivated the habits of green consumption.

EAP said, that as modern people, consumption is inevitable. The process of manufacturing, usage, transportation, and waste disposal of the consumptionconsumable products will definitely consume the natural resources and create the pollution and toxic substances. We should reduce the harm to environment and recycle the resources through by changing our consumption habits. For example, we should purchase the products withthat cause less harm and pollution to the environment. Through green product consumption, we can reduce the carbon emissions and improve the environment of earthEarth.  

  • Date : 2009-06-02
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