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Jason Hu: The most fabulous food combination only served in Taichung(2009-06-08)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

What is the taste of the combination of spreading chicken and cold bamboo shoots? Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung City, said, “It’s fabulous.” Today (8), Taichung City Government held the press conference of “2009 Taichung Agriculture and farming Product Carnival” press conference. In At the news conference, Mayor Jason Hu and “Tuo-hsien”, thea the comedian, who is also a and spreading chicken filed farmer, “Tuo-hsien” cooked a dish called “When the Chicken meets the cold bamboo shoots.” and shared it with the guests. The taste of bamboo and chicken conquered the guests and was highly praised. Jason proudly said that the dish is only served in Taichung City!

Jason Hu said, “Since From 5 to 6 years ago, Taichung City and Taichung City’s Farmer’s Association has jointly promoted the golden cold bamboo shoots. The price of bamboo shoots has raise increased from NTD 30 for 1 kg to NTD 70 for 1 kg. Thus,The revenue of for bamboo farmers has been increased.”

Jason Hu said that he has asked the Department of Research and Development to explore the possibility to of registering the golden trade mark of golden inof the farming agricultural products of Taichung such as the Golden Cold Bamboo Shoots, Golden Orange, and Golden Green Loofah. Hopefully, this would remind consumers of the origin of these quality products.

According to the Agriculture Division of the Economic Department, the “Da-Dun-Yuan Golden Cold Bamboo Shoots” was were selected from the a bamboo shoot harvest of 3000 tons from the a 350 hectare bamboo farm with area of 350 hectares. The qualified qualifying golden bamboo harvest is only about 900 tons only. Each bamboo shoot is weighs about 2kg weight and is about 40 cm in length. The frozen golden cold bamboo is the best ingredient for salads and is also good for cuisine of frying.

In addition to the cold bamboo, the City Government launched the “”Da-dun-Yuan Green Loofah”. The gGolden loofah product is shorter but thicker. The skin of the loofah is green, with some protuberances and hairy feeland lumpy. It is more sweeter and crispycrispier. The color remained remains the same after being cookingcooked. It’s one of the most favorable choices for the chefs of the popular restaurants. TherforeTherefore, Taichung City Government has registered the it as a trademark.

There is a green loofah field with an area of more than 10 hectares which produces an 800 ton harvest of 800 tons in the Chun-kung District of Taichung City. The farmers sow seeds in the Springspring and Autumnautumn and harvest after 3 months. The farmers hasfarmers have to harvest in the early morning before the sunrise to prevent the loofah from becoming soft. Therefore ,Therefore, the farmers have said that they are the sun runners. The loofah harvests are classified and packed then distributed to super markets (the excellent class) and restaurants (the best class). Although being they are busy, the revenue for loofah farmers is better than that for general farmers (the profit of from harvesting of eachone hectare is about NTD 500 to 600 thousand). It helphelps the farmers to avoid the impact of WTO. Let’s support the hard working farmers.

  • Date : 2009-06-08
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