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Mayor Jason Hu Encourage Citizens to Recycle Their Clothes(2009-07-27)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Do you have any used clothes? Extend the life of your clothing by giving them to someone new. The Taichung Department of Environmental Protection of Taichung held a used clothing recycle event on July 27th to launch the campaign. Mayor Jason Hu participated in the activity and picked up a Hawaiian shirt on site and put it on. He successfully attracted the media and he encouraged citizens to recycle old clothing.

Eight Taichung district office directors took part as station officers for each recycle station during the news conference July 27th. They invited guests such as Mayor Jason Hu, Vice Mayor Hsiao Chia Chi, Director of Environmental Protection Lee Li Chin and city councilors Chen Chen Tien, Liu His Chow, Liu Kuo Long to choose items from the piles of recycled clothes. Each district office director passionately encouraged them to find something they liked from their station. All of the guests put on recycled clothes and posed for media photos. All of the guests looked sharp in their new found clothes.

Wang Wen Hwa, the Taichung City advisor, who proposed the campaign, also participated in the activity. Mayor Jason Hu thanked him for the proposal as well as the volunteers, village chiefs and district office directors who helped to promote the campaign. He encouraged citizens to put their used clothes in the recycle box or an appointed recycle station. It would give old clothes new lives.

Lee Li Der, Director of Environmental Protection, reminded citizens to pack clean used clothes in bags before putting them in recycle boxes, with the exception of underwear, pants, socks, curtains, pillows, bed quilts, shoes, belts or bags. Prior to August 5th, recycle trucks will collect clothing every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Clothes to be recycled can also be brought to a district office or the 43 assigned recycle stations between August 3rd and 5th.

  • Date : 2009-07-27
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