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The Gilin Economic and Trade Delegation signed an MOU agreenment with the TCIPA(2009-09-15)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Jilin City Economic, Trade and Culture Delegation from China arrived in Taiwan today and visited sites with culture and technology related to their visit in Taichung City. The members of the delegation and the members of Taichung City Industry Park Association (TCIPA) exchanged their experiences in a seminar. After introducing the investment environment and the key industry developments of the both sides, they opened a dialogue on substantial experience sharing and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the liaison mechanism and the major items of cooperative issues.

The delegation of 16 members from Gilin City arrived in Taiwan on September 13th. They visited several organizations, and on September 15th they visited the culture and Technology industries of Taichung City. In the afternoon, the members were divided into 2 groups and participated in seminars regarding potential cooperative opportunities in the industries of tourism and culture with the members of the TCIPA. Tsao May-Liang, the director of the Information Office for the Taichung City Government, and Chu Hui-lan, the director of Economic Development Affairs, hosted the seminars .

Lee Hsiang-Tung, the General Sectary of Gilin City’s Chinese Communist Party Committee, said that Gilin used to be one of the key industrial cities in China. However, in the future, Gilin will instead develop its tourism industry in the hopes of attracting venture capitalists. So far, the petro-chemical and automobile industries in Gilin have been the most important for China. After investing in the development of its tourism industry, Gilin has also built up its tourist attractions which include: skiing, pine-tree forest hiking during the winter, as well as a host of summer resorts. Lee Hsiang-Tung invited local entrepreneurs to invest Gilin, and said that he will try his best to match the best opportunities.

Chu Hui-Lan said that Taichung City had grown rapidly according the roadmap of cultural, economic and internationalization. It’s a key city in central Taiwan and its annual gross value of investment is up to $50 billion USD. The average number of daily visitors is over 1 million.

After ardent discussion, the delegation of Gilin City signed an MOU regarding economic and trade cooperative affairs, mutual benefits, and information sharing with the TCIPA. The representatives of Taichung City included Chuang Chiu-Yang of the Commercial and Industrial Organization, Kuo Bi-Hsia of the Women’s Association, Yang Ta-Wei of the Cultural Organization, and Huang Yao-Te of the Association of Travel Agents.

  • Date : 2009-09-15
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