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Sino Land Group from Hong Kong donate more than NTD 2 million for the 88 Flood recovery (2009-09-24)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The 88 Flood caused the worst damage in Taiwan in the past 50 years. Although it occurred more than one month ago, the donations still come in continuously. Sino Land Group donated 2 million 72 thousand to Taichung City Government for the flood recovery. Sino Land also stated that some of the donation should be allocated to the reimbursement of staff members that support the recovery, to express their gratitude. 

To help the victims of the 88 Flood to recover, Yang Nan-guo (Chairman of Sino Land) and his wife, and Chen Te-fa (Board of the Engineering Development Department) delivered the donation from Sino Land Group to Taichung City Government. Jason Hu received it and gave the commemoration badge and certification to the delegation of Sino Land to express his gratitude to them.

Jason Hu said that Taichung City Government has raised more than NTD 70 million for 88 Flood recovery. In order to effectively maximize the utility of the donation, Taichung City Government has adopted the recovery of Wutai Township of Pingtung County. Also, the Taichung City Government has invited Professor Lee Chia-tung to build a digital library and on-line learning system for the remote townships in the disaster area. The students in the disaster area would be able to continue to learn and catch up to the regular schedule. Jason Hu also said that the Taichung City Government would utilize the donation of 200 million from Sino Land to support the flood recovery.

  • Date : 2009-09-24
  • Hit: 12

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