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Taichung City Government honored 699 senior couples who celebrated their more than 50 year anniversary.(2009-10-11)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In order to celebrate Chung Yeung (Double 9th) Festival, Taichung held an honoring ceremony for senior couples who have passed their Platinum, Diamond or Gold Wedding anniversary, on October 11th. Mayor Jason Hu said happily that the 699 senior couples of Taichung City were the coolest people in Taiwan.

The 699 senior couples celebrating their over 50 year anniversaries included 7 Platinum anniversary couples (married for over 70 years), 152 Diamond anniversary couples (over 60 years) and 540 Gold anniversary couples. The Taichung City Government hosted a 220 table luncheon to treat the couples and their families. They were congratulated and had the best wishes sent to them on behalf of the citizens of Taichung City.

The Mayor awarded medals to all of the Platinum anniversary couples, 8 Diamond anniversary couples and 8 Gold anniversary couples. For the Platinum anniversary couples, he awarded the medal with the icon of mandarin ducks in a pond, which symbolizes the couples’ happiness and intimacy. For the Diamond and Gold anniversary couples (more than 60 and 50 years), he awarded medals with an icon of a pair of flying cranes as a symbol for their long lasting love.

Jason Hu, the Platinum couples and the distinguished guests cut a 5 layer cake with the words “Love Forever” on it and shared with the audience. Also, the city government sent the audience a cake to each table. Everyone in the audience was so joyful, and the couples reminded them of their own good memories with their spouses.

  • Date : 2009-10-11
  • Hit: 11

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