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Send good luck to Taichung—Taichung City launched city tour buses during the 2009 National Athletic Games(2009-10-15)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In order to organize a new and fresh National Athletic Games, the preparatory office of the National Athletic Games launched the “City Tour Bus Service of the 2009 National Athletic Games”. The City Government held a news conference at the Martyrs' Shrine square. Jason Hu, the Mayor, attached the four tour bus plates of “Dragon”, “Tiger”, “Phoenix” and “Turtle”. He also gave the leader of the volunteer tour guides��"Lee Yueh-chen, the teacher of Da-Shin Elementary School, a mini-microphone to start up the tour bus service. All of the athletes or visitors during the National Athletic Games can take the tour buses to explore the beauty of Taichung.  

In order to express the hospitality of Taichung City, the preparatory office of the National Athletic Games, the free Tour Bus Service would lead the visitors and athletes to explore the business districts, night markets, historic sites and buildings of the 8 administrative districts of Taichung City, which include the metropolitan and country side areas. Hopefully, the bus service will deliver more knowledge of Taichung City and inspire them to further exploration and discovering of Taichung City.

The bus tour service is for group reservation. The capacity for each tour is 20 persons. It takes 2 hours for the tour. You can reserve by telephone or in person at the City Tour Bus Service Desk in the track and field stadium of National Taiwan Sport University. The reservation hotline is 04-22582606.

The preparatory office of the National Athletic Games also arranged the shows “Kung Fu Baseball” by Chung-hsiao Elementary School and the cheer squad dance of Tung-san Senior High School. They led the audience to yell the slogan of the game-“Taiwan Good Luck” and “Taiwan Go Go Go!” The entire audience was inspired by their passionate young spirits.

  • Date : 2009-10-15
  • Hit: 10

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